Dealer Fees on Wrangler 4xe

Hi, I am working with a dealer on a leasing.

Do this numbers make sense on fees? I ask for a break down on my DAS and this is what they came with?

$941.68 Registration Fee
$479.00 Dealer Documentation
$695 Acquisition Fee
$895 Dealer Prep


#2 & #4 look like dealer profit.

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Doc fee is normal in most states. I don’t know how $479 compares in AZ. The prep fee is total BS. And is that normal reg in AZ?

I just moved to AZ. Not sure what is a normal Doc fee?

Thanks for the tip on the prep fee.

I asking the sales manager to break things for me and seems painful for them to explain what am I paying for?

Dealer doc AND dealer prep fees?

So kind of them to tell you to find a new dealer.


No such thing, right?

Dealer doc fees are a given, but they usually cover all the prep stuff. One doesn’t normally see double dipping like that.

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$399-$578 is what I have seen in Arizona over the years. $499 seems to be the most common now.

Arizona doc fees have always been up there $$$

This is what I am shooting for!

If you check the various other threads here on this particular car, especially in the marketplace, I think you’ll find that you can do better than what you are shooting for especially for this low of an MSRP.

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Ok, you think I can get something lower.

What I am seeing is that only a few dealers have this car and only a couple sitting on the lot, so they are being aggressive marking up the msrp. This is the only one willing to keep at the MSRP and not even thinking about going any lower.

Order one and save yourself a significant amount of money.


Ditto the above.

Unless you absolutely need a car immediately, you can save thousands by ordering from one of the sources in the marketplace or on your own as noted in various other threads.

For ordering one, is just straight from the jeep website or through a dealer?

Thanks guys!

Everything goes through a car dealer except for a Tesla.

You literally posted in the other thread that gives step by step instructions of what to do…

hell, the title of the thread was even “how to get a good wrangler deal…”

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The absolute easiest way to go about this might be for you to use a broker. There are a few in the marketplace that are offering pretty good discounts on an order and they can handle a lot of the details for you.

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Thanks Matt

Just saw that you are in Az…there is a Jeep broker right in your backyard that you could contact✔️

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