Dealer discount: Acura TLX

What should be a good % discount from the MSRP on A Acura TLX dealer is only giving me 2000 of a 37200 car plus the 7100 incentives

What have you found when you researched other tlx deals on here?

Only found 1 DEAL but was different car

He has like 28% off the MSRP but I think he included the incentives in that calculation

Don’t look just at broker listings. Look at the deals that people have done over the past few months to compare pre-incentive discount.

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Have you tried TrueCar yet? They are showing about 26% off MSRP. Since you know your rebates ($7100) you should be able to understand the total delta. You need about a 2% larger pre-incentive discount to match True car and a 4% larger discount to match the lease hacker reference deal. That’s like another $650-$1300 minimum and I would probably got for double that.

Best of luck. Best deals will be on end of model year closeouts but don’t expect to get a steal going into April. The name of the game is gross profit right now.

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I am double checking with Edmunds because dealer said that for the model base the incentives is 6000 no 7100

Can you break down the incentives? Or is it just some giant $6,000 Allowance being put on these cars. That could help you to find the discrepancy between you and the dealer.

On another note, figure out the discount on the car before the incentives, get the RV and MF, and post the deal.

Important to verify you’re talking about the same month for numbers. Programs changed for April, so the dealer may be quoting April numbers vs if you asked edmunds a few days ago, you’d get March numbers.

Yessir! Gross Profit at the max!

I just getting today from Edmunds so is April numbers

Is just 1 6000 incentives

It seems like is 6050 for my estate I am in florida

So $6,050 it is. That picture of computer screen is a bit difficult to read, but it will do.

All you need to do now is negotiate the price of the car pre-incentive. You can use Truecar, Edmunds, etc. for this.

If OP can’t get 28% off, regardless of pre/post incentive split, then don’t buy an Acura right now.

Why 28%? Is it because of a low RV or something?

RV is 51% on 24 monts and 57% on 36 months MF .00078

Well this is horrible advice.

The incentives have dropped compared to previously, however, the MF has dropped from an Acura typical .00215 to a subvened .00078. They’re transferring money from incentives to reduced mf. That mf change accounts for at least a 4% discount on the price that isn’t captured in your “get at least 28%” metric.

As always, one should evaluate the actual deal rather than just go off of arbitrary percentages.

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I am at 28900 which is 22.3 off going to try to lower it 1000-1500 more and that should put me at 25-27 % of MSRP