Dealer Comparison - Need help ID the Variance

Folks, looking at a Colorado ZR2 and have what appears to be an enticing offer from one, and another in contrast yet the inputs are the relatively the same.

On option 1 need to increase the incentive amount (same at both dealerships) and verify DAS. But even with a $500 miss, and $1.2K adjusted cap cost…why would there be over a $100 swing?

Please help me ID the variance, and/or the tact being used by these two.

Item Dealer 1 Dealer 2
MSRP 47,015 45,335
Dealer Discount 1,516 2,016
Money Factor 0.00218 0.00218
Months 36 36
Miles 15K 15K
Residual 62% 62%
Incentive 1500 2000
Acq Fee 599 650
Other Fee 76 899
Stated Monthly Payment 655-665 566.11 (tax not included)
Due at Sign Unknown 566.11

Maybe you’re missing the forest through the trees. You want to consider paying $566 plus tax for a Colorado?

High residual, very unique/capable truck, and 15K annually… sure.

Its like asking why people pay $1K for an M3 which has low residual, unique, and with 7.5K annually…

Not a good deal. Discount is weak and that money factor is high. Is this through GM Financial? Have you checked with Ally and US Bank?

To put it into perspective for you I was offered a $68k Denali 1500 for $567 tax included sign and drive

True on discount, seems everyone’s holding in the 6% range pre-incentive and not many deals from the manufacturer on that trim.

Was also from GMF.

Your deal, very different vehicle, but throwing monthly expense without context doesnt help put it into perspective. Term and miles?

My deal was for a 36/10k mike lease. Keep searching and reach out to other dealers.

High RV is a good thing…if it leads to low payments. Otherwise high RV is a bad thing

And what’s the big deal about 15k miles per year? the cost of going to 15k from 12 is 2% of 45k plus a small amount of interest. Hardly earth shattering

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