Deal Thoughts - GV60 Advanced

Looking to step into the EV space and was impressed with the GV60 test drive.

36 / 12K

Sale Price: $61,235
Total Dealer Rebates: $8,500
Down Payment: $5K
MF: 0.00285 (interestingly, the MF on the Premium is 0.00141)

Monthly Payment: $714


Well this is tri state only but $4k off msrp makes a big difference šŸ‡°šŸ‡· Aronchi's Sept Hyundai & Genesis - $4k off Genesis GV60 & GV70 EVs! $374 Tucson PHEV, $394 Santa Fe PHEV [Tristate] - #114 by aronchi

Is that $5k dive offs or just cap cost reduction?

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Thanks for the reply! I believe cap cost reduction

I would cross shop the Hyundai / Kia and the Volvo C40 / XC40. You could be in the 400s on the Volvos in a top trim for the same term with just fees upfront.

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Iā€™m sure you can find a better deal.

For starters which brands have tax credits in TX this month?

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You can for sure do better. Genesis is nationally offering 8500 off leases. That means your dealer is giving you 0 additional discount. As mentioned above, Iā€™d shoot for at least a few grand off MSRP before the rebates.


Way too much. The car is not worth getting when the dealer is only doing $0 in discount. I would target for atleast $2500 off MSRP, apart from $8500 rebate from genesis.

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not similar cars. ive driven both.