DEAL SIGNED: 2020 BMW M8 Gran Coupe

Update: Deal is Signed- took delivery. Perfect spec which I love. Pics coming. I adjusted the deal at dealer by going down to 7500 to take a bump up in residual. As a result Max MSD lowered to 9450 and sunk 1,100 into cap cost reduction. This improves the leasehacker calculator to 9.3

Hey Guys-(Need constructive feedback please)

My 2018 Audi R8 is finally near lease inception (4 months left) and am utilizing EOY to capitalize on leftover inventory on the market.

I am about to fly out to Cali and sign this deal by 8pm tonight. I would like feedback specific to the deal. It’s not a unicorn but I do sense that its still a 9 on a 1-10.

Money Factor bump aside- I think its solid; especially since there are slim picking of the Gran Coupe. Dealers are willing to do 20%-22% on coupes and convertibles it seems but these 4 door sedans is like trying to move a mountain.

2020 BMW M8 Gran Coupe
MSRP: $140,195
Selling Price: $116,112 (16.8% off) additional $3K is included in taxed incentive in calculator. Ultimately this is a 19% off net deal.
Monthly Payment: $1,324
Drive-Off Amount: $13,500
(Max MSD of $9,450)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage:7,500
MF:.00087 (bumped up 40 basis points)
Region: No.Cal
Leasehackr Score: 9.3
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


I’ll say fairly good deal
I have M5C and these cars are beast
you will enjoy

Adjusted to base MF you’re really at 15% pre-incentive which is still solid on a GC.

Why the rush to sign this tonight? About the only thing you could do is wait until later in the month to see what (if any) last minute end of year deals start to pop up, especially on 2020’s.

Of course the flip-side is that if you like the spec and the deal is already decent then it’s probably not worth it on a $1400 payment car to potentially save another $50/mo.

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So little data, so hard to say. There’s one broker who has an M8 listed for a lower overall total cost, but that car also had a lower MSRP, a lower annual mileage allotment, and included loyalty. So your deal is probably pretty solid.

Not at all an experienced hacker, though, so…

Have you test driven it? It’ll be a very different feel from an R8.

Hey Jeremy- The car is still a bullet and I still have the Lamborghini to substitute for the R8. I feel like the M8 will be a great family car though.

Just not sure why the Gran Coupe is so hard to get discounted. I’ve been working on this car for months, nationwide and all the dealers apparently like to collect them rather sell them. LOL

Sounds like it’s a done deal. In the sense that you’ve already agreed to it.

Max- nothing is a done deal until its signed. All I did was book the flight for 2 hours from now. I have been grinding on this car for a while and this is the best I can find. Anyone ever try calling San Luis Obispo BMW? They are one of the top BMW Car Collectors out there- they sometimes sell cars but the manager there said, “Once a car comes near aging close to 600 days, than Ill discount it- but 300 days is nothing and thats why we still want sticker”

People are special…


Are you the guy that made the scrape me from my lambo seat and use it as paint guy?

M8 as a sedan, my friend you’re doing it right.

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That may have been another user. The lambo is only 4 months old. :slight_smile:

I don’t know this to be true, but I would suspect that the coupes and convertibles aren’t actually 20-22% pre-incentive discount, but actually include some trunk cash/direct to dealer incentives that are being applied. The gran coupe probably isn’t in the same situation.

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You are correct- the 20-22 is inclusive of all incentives and trunk money. My apologies for not being clear about that.

Different incentives/trunk money would go a long way to explain why larger discounts are doable on the coupe/vert than on the GC.

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Very true. The launch cars are the ones with the most cash on them. It’s a good $10,000 more than others. The GC only has $3,000 flagship on it.

“Inception” doesn’t mean what you think it does.


Ah right, forgot you upgraded to the Lambo! Yeah, the Gran Coupe is a different beast for sure. Like others have said, there is much less flagship cash on them, so there’s no use in comparing the 2dr to the 4dr.

Personally, I would try to wait for a couple more weeks and grind out base MF (should save you around $70/month)), or another percent or two off. In the past, BMW has continued lease support on certain models even past the end of the calendar year. Considering you also still have the R8 for 4 months, if you are patient then you might be able to score a better deal. It’s definitely not a certainty though, and if you’re set on this car, it seems like a pretty solid deal.

Also, Obispo treats their cars like gold. They are ridiculous


I was literally LOLing on this😆


This is very true. BMW SLO would rather sit on their cars because they believe their highly optioned cars are very special - IME

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Imagine the OP’s reaction when he reads this on the plane


OP and his new car jumping out of the plane