Deal Search Withdrawal

After closing the deal yesterday i feel :disappointed_relieved: at the same time lol…

I’m going through the same thing myself. Haven’t even had my new car a week and I’m already looking to see if I can make some money on it via carmax because of the rebates I got lol.

I agree. Loving my Volt so far but If Chevy extends the asian lease conquest to April, I’m going to take it as a sign and start building a little fleet.

We should have a new section called Recovering Leasehackr Anonymous where we all huddle together and discuss our emotions.


LOL. I love it. I love this Forum. The thrill of the hunt is more than the actual kill.

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Hope chevy continues Asian conquest incentives at April.

I can’t wait to see what’s leasing well in April. I think a bunch of other manufacturers are going to have to rebate heavily to move small and midsize cars.

I think it’s going to depend on how well Chevy and GM achieved their goal of getting rid of supply. GM had a glut of cars on their lots. I read something recently, can’t find it now of course, that their inventory was at a historic high level. If they met their goal of bringing inventory more in line, you’re unlikely to see the 3,000 conquest again…maybe that will change at model year changeover in August-October timeframe. However, if they weren’t successful, there’s a good chance that conquest rebate will be back.