Deal review: 2020 Porche Cayenne (loaner)

Hi, wanted to get some feedback on a deal before signing. I am looking at a 2020 Porche Cayenne with 10k miles since it’s a loaner.

MSRP: $75,370
Sale price: $64,900
Monthly price: $1047
MF: .0027
Money down: $2200
Miles per year: 12k
Months: 39mo.

Residual: $39,903


That MF is steep… translates to 6.48% APR. If this the car you want, consider buying it rather than leasing. Your rates will be much more competitive (incl outside of PFS). Also, depending on where you are, a 39-mth lease means add’l registration costs.

Good luck! I love the new Cayenne but for $1k/mth… :man_shrugging: