Deal or no Deal? 2020 Acura RDX Lease

Stole another thread so starting my own. Looking for thoughts from the pros on if i’m leaving $$ on the table.

2020 RDX A-Spec FWD
MSRP $45,195
SP $36,752.24
Pymt $460
DAS $0 (1st pay only)
Miles 7,500
Residual 59%
MF .00215
36 months

Feel like i’m missing out on the loyalty cash - 2017 MDX lease going back. They said it’s built into the deal. Thoughts?

What did edmunds tell you for rv/mf/incentives?

If that sales price applies to purchase as well, I have a strong feeling that buying and reselling could potentially saves over leasing especially you are driving so little. Current Acura financing is 0.9% APR

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RV/MF are per this website and other sites as well. More about the incentive/payment portion. Looks like the cap cost vs. cap cost reduction is only down by my 1st payment and it should include the rebate/loyalty, however, the payment seems to work.

FuzzyIBJ, thinking it’s not a good time to buy. Locking into $40k (w/ tax) for the next 60 months just doesnt seem smart in the current climate. Being on the hook for $16k for half that time makes me feel better for now.