Deal on an LX570 and a Panamera 4s?

Hello everyone,
So I am looking for a lease deal on an LX570 (MSRP 86k) or a Panamera 4s (MSRP 119k). I know each car is different but I these are the only car I would upgrade to. I tried to get numbers on a 2018 e43 but they were hitting me with 1400-1600 monthly payment with 3k down so I was like no thanks I’ll pass. But the Lexus LX570 and the Panamera 4s are what I really want so It would be great if someone can give me an idea on what the numbers would look like. I know there is a 5k rebate on the LX570.

About a hundred dollars.


Hey there,

A lot of programs and incentives tend to be location/region specific. Please let us know where you are hunting. That way brokers, dealers and fellow hackrs can possibly give you the info you are looking for.

I’d have to imagine you’d be about the same for each car

Lexus are really hard to negotiate, Im in Sacramento CA and theres 2 lexus dealerships and both of them suck. I am trying to hack a deal in the bay area since there is more competition. I just wanna know what kind of numbers should I expect, I got 910 with 2k down on the panamera but I think I can do better

You’ll get a lot more help if you provide some numbers yourself.

Negotiated selling price
Applicable rebates/loyalty/conquest
Miles needed
Money factor
Down payment
Security deposit
Monthly payment

That sounds like a decent price for panamera, no?

Lexus advertising 5k down 849 a month on the LX570 but I feel like that’s too much. the panamera is 910 with 2k down and I would honestly do it but I think I do better.
I can put down up to 3k

There is so much missing, here.

As @HobbesMo indicated, help everyone help you by providing some semblance of the details you’re asking them to evaluate. Simply saying “I think I can do better and I can put more down” is totally useless. It also indicates a fundamental misunderstanding about one of the basic tenets of leasing: don’t put anything down unless you absolutely must. That money is at risk if, say, on the way home from the dealership, you stop at the hookah bar for a quick toke, and walk out to find your new car stolen. Guess what–you may as well have left that $3k on the front seat, cause it’s gone now, too.

Seeing as how Panamera 4S begins at $110k, if you really found one for $2k down and $910 a month and didn’t lease it, you’re not a serious shopper or you’re mistaken about the numbers.

Try less opinions about Sacramento Lexus dealers and more objective reality–nobody here cares too much what you think of Sacramento Lexus dealers, but you’ve asked for help and provided no data by which folks could provide input.


Well, I only asked what the numbers would look like on these cars, I also listed the msrp of each car and where I am located.
I know nobody cares about my opinion on lexus dealers in Sacramento but I have tried working with them when I leased my IS200t and when we made a deal it was totally different when I went to the finance office.
Also, yes I got the panamera for that price and I am a serious buyer but I am still looking and not in a hurry.

Sorry if you got bothered by anything!

I’m not bothered by anything. I’m just constantly surprised by people asking such low-quality low-detailed questions. What do you want anyone to say?

There’s a calculator on this site and myriad other calculators online to show you “what the numbers look like.”

To evaluate anything with any sort of precision, you’ll need to provide more than just a possible MSRP on a theoretical car.

I don’t believe that a Panamera 4S can be leased for $2k down and $810 a month. It can be hard to get a Cayman for that price.


if you are constantly surprised by people asking “low quality low detailed” questions then I think you just ignore them. There is other people who are willing to help more. I listed the topic under ask the hackers and I didn’t know that it is going to bother some people!

Its 910 a month because its a demo Panamera with almost 4k miles.

How much cheaper do you think a Panamera can get???

A 4S for 910? Even if a demo is pretty good imo.
Most ads are $900’s with 5k+ down and it’s a 95k msrp.
Someone on the forum got Lexus suv. Check the trophy garage for his deal. Panamera warrants at least a 10% discount if buying on the lot. Most at dealers in my area the greater nyc area have been sitting there this entire year if not longer.
Good luck

Edit. Be wise. Don’t put anything down.

I also agree - 910 for a panamera 4s with 2k DAS is a great deal even for demo.

But, Panamera - oh boy! What a fugly car :slight_smile:

Third what kind of car do you currently drive and what is the payment? I would say better value is the LX570 (although that is also an ugly outdated truck designed in 2008 lol).

So there is yet more data omitted from original post. How would anyone here know what numbers look like when you don’t specify a demo vs new?

And I still don’t believe even a 4k mile demo $120k car can be had for $910 payment.

Pics of a deal sheet or it didn’t happen.

Can you share the name of dealership (panamera) with me? I would like to reach out to them. Where are you locate it? That is very good deal for Panamera. What mileage have you asked for those monthly payments?

At the beginning I was thinking about 5k down but everyone here says to try avoiding it and I guess that’s what I am going to do. I can afford up to 1000 a month so I am still looking, im not in a hurry

I sold my 2005 LX470 last week but I currently drive a 2017 lexus is200t that I am trying to sell now. My payment is 392 10k miles a year and I didn’t put anything down so I am trying to trade it in and take the loss of the negative equity

Niello Porsche in Rocklin,CA. 7.5k miles