Deal on 2021 BMW M340i


Got a good deal (I think) on a 2021 M340i through a broker… Getting the car on Monday!

$605 per month
DAS: $4,496
MSDs: $4,550

Calculator link:

Just to clarify - Are you sharing your deal (“Share A Deal”), or are you asking for feedback on your deal (since it’s in “Ask the Hackers”)?

A little of both since I’ve already made the purchase

Between the taxes and MSDs you’re shelling almost 10k out to start the lease?

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I think this is about the best you’re going to do on a m340 given the current lease programs, but $700+ is a lot of money for a 3 series


Yeah, the DAS is higher than I like for a lease and I could have gone with lower DAS and higher monthly payments but I recently had some cash profits on hand from a stock sale that was not doing anything.

Haven’t really come across too many deals on an M340i that are more than 10% of MSRP. I’m sure there are some unicorn deals.

Yah, unfortunately bmw support isn’t what it was


That’s still pretty steep and I’m an anti-MSD person (I have better ROI options they make lease transfers 10x harder).
I just leased my 69.5k MSRP M340i for effectively $585+tax on a 12k/36 lease (loyalty and CCA), 2k DAS with hefty Seattle registration. (Deal was obviously not from Seattle but far away, I have trucking contacts in the family so it wasn’t an issue).

What was your pre-incentive discount?

14% with a slightly marked up MF.

Typical markup on bmws equates to about a 2% msrp reduction, which would put you at 12%. Solid deal

When normalized to .00082 MF my deal is at 13% off.

I guess folks love their options but pushing 70k for this car is unnecessary in my mind.

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I mean that’s just the price with options for all cars in this segment. This entire class of cars is unnecessary if you really think about it.

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Nice. This is my first BMW so obviously don’t have the loyalty discount. But even without that, you got a really good deal.

I’m genuinely curious what features people want for 10k+ on an m340i. I’ve gone through multiple build scenarios and can’t ever understand paying M3 money for an m340i

Not sure what M3 money you mean—can’t get a new M3 for much less than M5 right now based on discounts and RVs…that’s a far cry from even some of the average deals folks post here on M340s.

Basically anything beyond the base car. Now some of it is stuff that’s included that I didn’t need but you can’t find a car without it. Like wireless charging and Wifi hotspots. Or power liftgate. Like who needs that, especially in a sedan? Or the cost for a painted rear spoiler that’s added on to MSRP…

But I did want M Adaptive suspension. For roads here in NJ, I think that’s almost a must to have a comfortable ride in a daily driver.

I also always try to get the upgraded sound, in this case the Harman Kardon speakers. That’s important to me in a daily driver.

And then to get the color you want with the leather upholstery is another charge. The shadowline package which blacks out the grill and side mirrors plus the black 19" wheels look amazing and I wanted that too. More money.

Then the Executive package, which is a little but of a gimmick but the LED with laser headlights do look good.

And the Driving Assistance package because blind spot detection is a must have feature.

This all adds up very quickly and none of these features are crazy but just based on preference, convenience or some that just are added on by default in dealer inventory.

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Ive said it a few times…anything past a base Ford Fiesta unless ones household is the Brady Bunch is a want :slight_smile: Nothing wrong with the want part, but its all unnecessary really.

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