Deal on 2020 Explorer ST, any good?


If you know how much they are supposed to cost then what is the point of this thread? Sorry to be direct but others above have listed out many ways to improve this horrible deal but you already seem to know the answer.

Zoltec is not the op

What ways have others listed?

The $2500 RCL rebate is obviously carried into the discount because nobody does 10%+ pre-incentive on a ST. You are are lucky to get 5% off pre-incentive on a ST. So back out the $2500 from $7670 and you are left with $5170 as a pre-incentive discount, which is actually better the A/X/Z plan. This is actually quite good in my experience.

The equity carry over thing is his personal preference. If he wants to bury his positive equity into his next lease it’s easy enough to adjust the effective terms to understand how that is impacting the deal. Could he get more by breaking up the transaction and going the Carvana route, maybe, but thats also a PIA for some. It’s his call on how he want to maximize his trade equity and I don’t think that’s what he is actually asking.

If the guy wants to lease an Explorer ST, this dealer is making him a fair offer – I would take this deal.

Whoops. My apologies.

IMO, BMW’s suck. Have had a few. I also own an E63AMG currently that blows any BMW out of tha water, so I got the German thing going.

I have owned a lot of vehicles aside from Explorers. Currently I have 4, and I never said the Explorer was my only vehicle. It is my favorite SUV aside from the GLC63AMG coupe which I got rid of. The Explorer is the only lease because it is my wife’s daily, and she doesn’t drive much.

I guess I will just figure it all out on my own, this forum isn’t what I was expecting for sure.

For those replies that were actually helpful, I appreciate it. In the OP, personal opinions weren’t asked about my choice of vehicle. All I asked was if the lease deal I was given was a good deal on that vehicle or not.

I concur with shopping the explorer you own now to carvana and vroom. It’s an easy process and since you have such low miles and car is in great shape, you could make out with thousands more than dealer will pay. Many people Don’t realize you can sell your leased car. I just sold my ram last month and was explaining the process to family and friends and some think that I was turning the lease in early or I couldn’t afford to keep the truck . Had 3 vehicles and went to two…I had positive equity and was able to recoup that in this case through Vroom.

Also let me add there is no obligation to sell… just input all the info about the vehicle and they will give u an offer. Used car market is crazy right now. These companies pay top dollar and are having trouble keeping up with inventory.

If you cut through all the noise there were some very helpful points:

  • make sure the mf is not marked up
  • make sure the value of your trade is right/maximized
  • break out what incentives you qualify for to ensure you are getting a good dealer discount.

You came to a forum who’s purpose exists to find the best possible lease deals. BMWs are leasing the best currently due to a multitude of factors.

Ford Explorers suck at leasing. You’re shopping the car not the deal.

Best of luck.

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Like I said, I guess this forum isn’t what I thought it was.

I thought it was to find the best possible lease deal on the vehicle specified, I had no idea people were going to try to talk me out of the vehicle I actually want. I thought wrong apparently. No worries, I’ll figure it out.