Deal help: 2020 Volvo V60CC 10k/36m

Need some help as a potential first-time lessee. Last week, I reached out to 5 dealers asking for best OTD pricing and the urgency to buy by Memorial Day. I initially intended to purchase the vehicle with $5k down. Despite the pandemic, only 1 dealer seems interested he’s offered 3 choices - lease, 0% financing and 3.9%. For the lease, he’s included the $5k down that I intended for financing only. My zip MF is .00029; 54% residual & $3,500 incentives. Is it crazy to put $5k down on a lease?

Hopefully, I get some other offers in the next day or two but for this one, I’m leaning towards the lease offer. What do the hackers think?

Are You from Northeast?
If yes reach out to @nyclife. He will save you Thousands on V60CC deal.

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what’s your tax rate?

pretty sure this V60 CC from @nyclife (bit lower MSRP) is much better:

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$5,000 on a lease is way to much. Also, what is entailed in the $199.00 threat protection? Sounds like an extraneous dealer add on.

He lives in Seattle keep in mind

I’m in Seattle. 98112. I’d love to work with a broker as I really don’t love this process. Seems like there is a market for consulting help to weigh through the various offers.

Oh hmm… didn’t see location info anywhere in OP.

So maybe @Benedetto will help You . He posted recently awesome Volvo deals for midwest.

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I just emailed Ben. Thanks!

If you have not already, see if Volvo Tacoma wants to deal. Volvo Seattle and Volvo Bellevue are now owned by the same company, so they have the market cornered up here.

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@Benedetto is definitely a legit broker here, but if he’s getting spammed in triplicate, he may have questioned if you were real

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Hi Brian - that unit has been pending to a currently retained customer since it being posted.

As noted per my post, line 7 - pending in red.

If you’d like me to help you find a replacement, I’d encourage you to call my office.



Thanks! I will wait until next month to act to see if any changes in deals.

He’s totally legit. He’s just really busy. I would pay his retainer if he can service your area and set up an appointment on his site. The $150 will lead you seeing the $500 in total will be money well spent.