Deal Evaluation – BRAND NEW E300 with P3 Package

I got this offer on a brand new 2018 E300 with the P3 package (surround view, HUD, semi autonomous driving etc) . Before I get slammed, please note that this is for a new one, NOT a loaner or demo. So how much room do I have to negotiate? I got 10% off MSRP. What should I counter with? 15% - 18%? Is that a reasonable discount on a new model? PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks!

MSRP: 67385
Sales Price: 60385 – 10% off
MF” .00138
Term: 24 months
Miles: 7500
Residual: 69
Doc Fee: 699
Acquisition Fee: 1095
DMV Fees: 250
Cap Cost Reduction: 500 (refund from current tire and wheel package)
Rebates: 2000
MSD’s: 10 for $7500
Tax: 7%
Monthly PMT: $633

It’s winter dream event and their quotes are ridiculous till January 2nd. I believe 15% is attainable and reasonable, not 18%.

Thanks @coolryans. So I guess I’ll ask for 18% and settle for 15%? Dealer seemed pretty settled on 10%…but I’m not accepting anything below 15%.

They might just laugh and see you as not serious if you bring up 18% as a counter offer to 10%, especially if the dealer seemed pretty settled on 10%.

Yea you have a point. I already know the sales guy and have leased my last two cars from him. He usually gives me around 18 - 20% off the e classes. But those kinds of discounts are apparently impossible since the body change. I know I definitely won’t be getting the car with only 10% off. Just don’t want to ask for 15% and get 12.5% and then walk out. Or I guess I can just be upfront and ask him for 15% right off the bat? Yes and i sign and drive. Or I walk.

How did you get a refund for the tire and wheel package? Is “excessive wear and tear insurance” refundable too if you do not use it? Thanks

Extra $1k of profit for them with huge doc fee and marked up acq fee. There is definitely another $3,000 there. I got over 15% off this exact time last year on 2017. Shoot for $57k as sales price.

They basically “sold” me on a 5 year plan for $999. Since I only leased the car for 24 months, I get a refund for the unused portion : 999 x 3/5. They just rounded down to $500, but will give me exact numbers when I go in.

Yea the doc fees for 699 are crazy. Plus they are extremely firm on the marked up acquisition fee of 1095 from MB’s standard 799. No room there. A 57K sales price works out to 15% off MSRP, which seems to the general consensus here, so will definitely use that as my “final” number. Thanks for the input @Jason_B. On a side note, did you get an e300 with the P3 package?

I got a P2. We really like it.