Deal Evaluation - 2019 Accord Sport 2.0t

So after some back-and-forth, I’ve come to the terms below as a final offer from a dealer in Ohio on a 2019 Accord Sport AT. Really great car which typically doesn’t lease very well. I feel like 14% is a pretty good discount, but I know they want the 2019s off lots soon. Anyone else have recent experience with an Accord? Should I hold out another month for when they really want the '19’s gone?

This is net of Honda’s $750 lease incentive, no other incentives/rebates. Leasing in Ohio so the full 8% tax on the lease payments is due up-front.


$361.01 effective payment each month. If you love the Accord, why not? I think you might be able to find a less expensive car, but the new Accord 2.0T sure is nice. Did you run it through the calculator?