Deal Chek Audi 2020 Q5 E 55 Prem +


AUDI 2020 Q5 E 55 Prem +
Cold Weather Package
20" Wheels
Bank & Olufsen Sound System
MSRP 60,740
“Savings” $2987.27 – should I better negotiate? They automatically applied this
Cap Cost = $57,752
Sales Tax $2845.5
Dealer / State Fees $397 – am I naïve / missing other potential fees?
Total Price = $60,995.23
Rebate $6,712
Customer Cash $1500 (I was also considering putting $2000 down but after reading through these forums, I don’t think that is wise.)
Net Residual $29,762 – is this standard for this level of car? 49% seems low?
Drive off $8,212
Program miles 12,000 / 36 month
Monthly payment $792.08
What else am I missing? The MF didn’t come up, so I am probably missing something on that.

$1,599 for the 3 for 1 plan (covers windshields, wheels, and something else)
$999 Audi Care

Thank you.

Got to Edmunds and confirm the MF, RV, and incentives for your zip code. Compare that to your quote, if the dealer didn’t provide MF then ask them.

For starters they’re only giving you about 4.5% pre-incentive discount which is very weak. If they’re also marking up the MF then this deal goes from pretty bad to very bad.

The dealer should have included all fees in the quote, $397 is in line, but you can ask for a breakdown of what this includes.

Audi care is good, but do you really need another $1600 in dealer add-on protection?

Thank you. I will research MF and RV based on my zip - do I just ask a forum on Edmunds?

Additionally, what is an acceptable MF range on a lease? I have ZERO context, not sure what I should be looking for when I ask dealer.

Drive off $8200? And $800 a month? Sounds like a great deal


Yes, the forums are model specific (make sure you pick the right model year).

I’m guessing based on the price, you mistyped the title and this is for a q8?

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No, Q5 Hybrid, so Q5 E

Part of that is the “rebate,” but I agree it doesn’t seem like a good deal (assuming you’re being sarcastic?)

No Q5 E - their hybrid.

I don’t see the point in overpaying for an Audi as is, but those terms are terrible.
Is the $8200 a typo? Like it should be $820 drive off?

Have you consider an e-tron? There are good deals now with Costco and Loyalty.

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No typo, they asked for $1500 + their $6200 rebate they “gave,” me. No deal has been made. It didn’t seem right when I was there. I’ve never even considered a lease before.

Check the other Audi listing with EZauto group I think? He’s got a Q5 with a $56k Msrp for 3k das and 519 a month

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I’d recommend taking a step back and spending some time researching before talking to a dealer again.

You should know exactly what a good deal is before talking to a dealer.

Thank you, I agree. I figured this platform would be a great place to learn and get some coaching. Glad I found it.

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FYI - at my local Audi dealer I went to test drive an E-Tron. They were so heavy on Q5E inventory they offered me 12K off of a 62K MSRP Q5E. Even after backing out the Federal rebate of 6,712 this is an 8.5% discount from MSRP.

I didn’t pursue it at all, I don’t think the electric range of ~30 miles is worth the 50K price tag since I could get a regular Q5 P+ for 5K less.

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@metom88 thank you for the great feedback! Do you remember what the sticker of the E was they showed you? And are you saying the offered you 12k off + the rebate? Yeah I agree they offered me a poor deal.
Curious what you’re going to go with and what you’re deal looks like?

@S501682 I don’t remember the exact sticker, I think of was $62,300. I was extremely uninterested in the car so didn’t pursue it much further. They offered 12K off which included the rebate (so 8.5% off of MSRP before rebate).

I’m going to stick to an E-Tron. Currently working a deal with a 79K E-Tron @ $517 monthly before tax with zero down.


@metom88 that sounds like a great deal!
Where are you located? Would you share or message me your deal details?
Have you driven an all electric car before? What made you choose Audi?

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I also saw huge inventory in the bay area hopefully there will be more discount coming

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