Deal checkk Bmw x3


Stop at the dealership today and hopefully get a decent price on a bmx3.
This was the price offer to me for a 53,010 car. Is there is discount on msrp for a lease?
I had ask the sales about it and he said there is no discount. To me this price is close to financing the car.
i currently lease an x3 and i only pay 500 a month with zero down.


X3’s can be had at discounts. Check with @IAC , @DMVLease @nyclife

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Wow that looks horrendous.

We have allocations and can make something make sense if you can make a PCD pickup work for you.

what do they typical go for right now? yeah the price they quoted was stupid high. i tried to offer 600, but was a no go.

Without seeing the full worksheet it’s hard to say how much lower we’d be than that but I’m certain it’s at least $100/mo.

We do have some links posted here but you would have to enter your tax rate and approx reg to get it correct.

I am also looking to lease a similarly priced x3 as the OP. I am in Raleigh, NC area. I can drive upto NJ/NY for a good lease :slight_smile:
please keep me posted if you come across any such.


Sent you a PM.

X3 programs aren’t great. Not sure why you are targeting one in the first place.

But click on any broker listings in the Marketplace and fill in any remaining blanks in their calculators such as taxes and reg.

That will answer how much they are going for rn

Leasing any x3 isn’t really going to make sense now

just switching out one x3 for another. i didn’t know it just be this bad.

Learn how to use the calc and lease payment situation these days will be obvious…

I was hoping to try X3 or Q5 as my next car.
Too bad…both these cars are not leasing well now !
May be …its better to wait till summer.

I’d be about $130 less per month with the same amount at signing:

The problem, aside from discounts and MF, is that many X3s had $2,500 more in incentives 3 years ago, so that alone is almost a $100 a month difference.


We are currently at 8.25% off of list price on that vehicle.

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