Deal Check: XC40 Recharge

2023 Volvo XC40 Recharge Ultimate
MSRP $62,545
Sale price $57,308.17
48% residual
0.00111% MF
$4k down, NY taxes and fees
Cap cost $51,108.75 after rebates and loyalty

Posting because I can’t get to the payment I’ve been quoted using the calculator, want to make sure I’m not missing something in this deal. I’m coming up with $616/mo.

Considering this vs. a ‘23 Polestar 2, fully loaded comes out to $611/mo for the same terms with $5k das.


Both sound like awful deals.

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What aspect of the Volvo deal is awful though?

Like literally everything?

Is there a single EV in the Marketplace that offers worse value than this?

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Here is my guidance, on the Volvo negotiate to 10-11% off msrp before the $7500 rebate.
Not sure if you can get any better deal on the polestar as they dont haggle on $


You should consider working with a lease broker in NY as they will get you far better deals on the XC40. Yes, you’ll have to pay the broker, but you’ll save a ton of money overall.

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Trust me I’d love to, they all said they have no inventory. :confused:

@nyclife just posted one yesterday. A quick search on Cargurus also pulls up over 110 of them in the greater NYC area, so there’s inventory.

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Yeah, here it is. I think most of the dealers sold a lot of them with the incentives in June. They probably kept a couple to try to make some money, but 2024s are probably going to hit dealer lots soon.

wait for the 2024 with the extended range.

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Here is what I just sold an ulitmate xc40 for

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Agh, I texted you over the weekend to see if you had any more avail. Do you know when 2024’s are coming? And is the 24mo the way to go?

24s arent even ordered yet. 24 mo is the only way to go on a 23


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