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To me, this looks pretty close to what I’ve been requesting. I think it’s the max I could go for, but just curious about a second opinion.

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@avocautos @nextlevelautobrokers I know I’ve been speaking to you both lately. The trouble is, the other deals I’ve been seeing would be shipping from the far coastal areas. No offense to either of you because the deals/work/general help you have been posting are phenomenal.

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Those driveoffs are way too high. And you might want to black out your last name, address and email.

Good call. Thanks.

Also, this would *Include 7 MSD’s and I’m guessing first month’s payment for the drive offs.

That’s GA reg not CO

Why would we take offense? Here to help


Can you ask for / provide a complete breakdown for clarity? That makes more sense with MSDs.

Yes I’ll ask. I think they were just writing quick quotes to my responses and the request I had made (which was Buy Rate MF and 12.5% off) then the added Corporate Fleet discount and the incentive cash.

To me, the math works out or is maybe off by about ~$15 per month. Which… seems to be the best deal I’ve seen so far from any of the dealerships sending back information.

And yes this is 6.6% GA registration.

Gotcha - at first glance, this deal looks solid. If I’m doing the math correctly and you’re maxing out MSDs, it should be $4900 in MSDs and the rest as drive-offs.

This was the initial deal they sent, which might offer some insight as to how it was broken down before the hidden numbers.

This is the breakdown of what I would assume the deal ‘SHOULD’ Look like. So… $671 vs $676.80 assuming that the drive off amount is correct.

But, the drive-off the calculator is showing would be $9,587. The one they quoted me is $8,708.88

Maybe the calculator is adding something into that amount that the dealership isnt?

Your quote is actually for 6 MSDs with the new MF being 0.00088 (hence why the drive-off is less).

7 MSDs would be a 0.00083 MF.

Lease credit on this vehicle should be $3500. Discount looks very good.

Okay. I actually just spoke with the Sales Manager on the phone. Sounds like something was tripping up with their software on their end, and it actually does net out to $671/mo. I think it’s time for me to pull the trigger. Thanks for the input everyone!

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Post pics when you do!

It’s different per region. This one is only $3k.

Hey Mike,

Nice work! This looks really good (and no shipping costs)!

No offense taken at all - happy to help. Any other questions along the way, let us know!

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