Deal check - x1 $398/mo


I just got a lease offer for X1 with convenience package and 3500 miles on it (demo car) 36mo/12k - $398 with only 1st month payment at signing.
Is that a good deal?

Location: Massachusetts

Msrp: 42,895
Savings: 5,899
Rebate: 3,000
Cap cost: 33.995
Dealer/state fees: 529
Sales tax: 867

Total price: 35,392

We need a heck of a lot more information in order to evaluate this. What is the:

  • MSRP?
  • selling price?
  • incentives?
  • residual?
  • MF used?
  • location?
  • tax rate?


Updated, thank you for pointing it out!

Still not enough detail. You need to break out the doc fee from state fees, the tax rate (up-front of $867 seems too low), residual, MF, term/miles, location - still missing too much.

In may I got my sister in law a X2 lease deal 370 a month with 1k down at same terms as you.

This is beyond irrelevant to the conversation.


You should look at the broker offerings…appear to be getting in excess of 15%+ on loaners

But in 1994 my dad bought a used Ford Fiesta for $398 :man_facepalming:

OP prepare to travel to the tri state area for a stellar deal. Should be able to get 16-18% off a demo.

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@AP919 I don’t have that other info, I’ve listed all they provided

@jrod78 what do you mean by broker offerings? What brokers?

@Bostoncarconcierge can probably help you…great broker and contributor from you neck of the woods

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Thanks man!

Very kind of you to write!

We chatted earlier and unfortunately I sold out of the Volvo XC60s in this particular price range over the weekend.