Deal check Volvo XC90 T5 AWD. MF seems high or is this just how it is now?

2022 Volvo XC90 T5 AWD $56,665 (this is MSRP)
36 months, 12K miles
1 month down payment $1044.03
Monthly Payment $1044.03
Residual amount 31,732.40 (RV .56)
MF .00322

Called another dealer in TX and their money factor was .00347 and RV .56. That dealer said they are raising their prices tomorrow. Not sure if that was a sales tactic or real. Should I keep looking or do all the dealers in TX have a high MF right now? I think the MF should be .00222. New to this and appreciate any help.

The lease programs change every month, yes. You should verify with edmunds what the residual and MF are, and be sure you are shopping the same trim XC90 at multiple dealers, that can affect the residual.

I got the .00222 from Edmunds. Wasn’t sure if that is still what I should be shooting for after getting the much hight MFs from 2 separate dealers. The car I want is hard to find.

That maybe the MF but sometimes dealers mark-it up. Does Volvo allow you to lock programs? If so, you can submit your credit app today and lock in the program and see what programs come out tomorrow to see if they get better or worse and choose your pick?

Also, this seems a very bare-bones XC90. Are you sure it has everything to meet your needs?

You may ask them to bring the MF down to base but dealers are trying to make money these days. If they aren’t marking up the cars price, they may mark up the MF or add bs accessories etc. Choose your poison

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Who cares what the MF is when you’re paying $37,500+ to lease a $56k car for 36 months?

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Why not just buy the car. In TX you’re paying tax on the sales price anyway- just get a loan around 2-3% vs paying almost 8% with a lender that has major restrictions on getting out of a lease early.

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Sweet Baby Jesus hold me now.

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