Deal Check: Volvo XC60 Mom T5 MSRP - $ 46,740

Looking to see what you all think of this deal. From what a couple of others have posted down here in the south I should be getting a better discount:

Volvo XC60 T5 Momentum FWD

MSRP - 46,740.00
Discount and Rebate - 5,977.00*
Adjusted Price - 40,763.00
Nitro Fill / Interior Protect (???) - 499.00
Total Purchase - 41,262.00
Dealer Admin - 799.00
Tax- 23.97
Title - 56.00
License - 54.75
Acquisition - 995.00

MF - .00051
Residual - 55%

36m / 12k miles
Cash down - 579.00
Monthly Payment - 579.00

The dealer discount is broken down as follows:

Lease Incentive - 2,250.00
Health care professionals - 500.00
Dealer Discount - 3,227.00

Best I can tell the dealer discount is a little under 6% - a bit less than what others have posted in my region.

When I put this in the calculator I am off by $25 / month and am not clear why.


Your post and calc don’t line up. I used the numbers you posted and came up with this. But what is truly the MF they are using? And what is MF/RV you got from Edmunds?

You most certainly don’t need the $499 Nitro Fill/Interior Protect


“But we already added it and can’t take it off.”

So, yes, OP will need car discounted more to make up for it, not to mention the ridiculous dealer fee. He does get low tax and title, though.

Between the dealer fee & the Nitro/Interior your deal is padded by $1298.00. OP, have you reached out to a broker or checked the Marketplace?

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Yes. Reached out to a couple of brokers. Waiting on replies.

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I know that. You know that. But the dealer ? He no agree.

The dealer tells me they used .00051 and 55% as the residual which lines up with what Edmunds gave me.

Could not figure out though why the calculator does not match.

then you need to ask them for a deal sheet because it is not adding up. That’s $40/mo off. Not insignificant at all.

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Are they including estimates for NC personal property tax in the lease amount? At roughly 1% of the vehicle value per year, the ~$1400 you’re off by just about adds up right.

@Qbrozen Here’s what was sent to me:

@mllcb42 I do not think it is included as my understanding is I pay that at time of registration. But that may just be why it is off although it is not spelt out in what was sent to me.

Are you sure they’re charging you buy rate mf?

That’s what the GSM told me via e-mail and i specifically asked that based on what I’ve learned here.

Of course, he could have made a mistake but not sure what benefit that would give them.

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Well, assuming no tax weirdness, a marked up mf is the most likely culprit for the discrepancy here.

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