Deal Check: Volvo XC60 Mom T5 AWD: MSRP $53010

How does this lease look. Was offered this today.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: Volvo XC60 Momentum T5 AWD
MSRP: $53010
Selling Price:47000
Monthly Payment: $638
Drive-Off Amount: $1444
Annual Mileage:15,000
Incentives: 2500 - but he said they rolled that into the discount up front?!
Region: California
Leasehackr Score:7.3
Leasehackr Calculator Link: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

So 6.6% pre-incentive discount. Any brokers in your area? Did you check their deals in the marketplace?

Mom has $1500 lease incentive. So the dealer discount is 8.5%.

Do you qualify for any other incentive i.e. conquest\affinity\a-plan?

lease incentive is $1500 in CA for mom. What’s the other $1000? If you are in southern CA, you should target at least 8.5% dealer discount before any dealer lease cash and rebates\incentives.

8.5% off MSRP before any dealer lease cash? I’m up in NorCal

Yes, 8.5% off MSRP before any dealer cash. But bay area is tougher to crack compared to southern CA.

@Benedetto should be able to give you a better deal.

That would get the selling price down to around 46500ish, so $500 less than they offered me in the bay area.

I’d target at least this: $53010 (MSRP) - 8.5% dealer discount - $1500 dealer lease cash. If you have have conquest\royalty, you’ll get another $1000 rebate. A-plan ($750) / affinity ($500) is additional discount.

[Edit]: There been couple of reports from GA with more dealer discounts but I don’t know how much you can push in nor cal.

Definitely work with @Benedetto he got my wife and I a great deal on a XC60 RD fully loaded with the advanced package, bowers and Wilkins for $599 a month.

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Congrats! What was your DAS?

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