DEAL CHECK: Volvo XC40 T5 AWD $454/mo

Got a quote for a Volvo XC40 lease for the first time today, all feedback/thoughts/criticisms welcome :slight_smile:

Numbers below. Calculator numbers are slightly off by a couple dollars here and there because i backed into what the dealer presented to me.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 XC40 T5 Momentum AWD
MSRP: $39345
Monthly Payment: $455 (incl taxes)
Drive-Off Amount: $1,045
Months/Mileage: 36/10
MF:0.00095 (edmunds MF is 0.0007)
Residual: 56% (confirmed by edmunds)
Incentives: 2k confirmed by edmunds
Region: norcal bay area
Leasehackr Score: 7.7 (score increases to 8.3 if i max out on MSDs)
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

oh it’s not a demo nor does it have miles - it’s new. I meant this is a deal for a lease. will edit title

Take it. Cross shop other dealers and double check, everything seems in proper order. Do 10 MSDs, they’d save you 1200 bucks over 3 years with a 4500 upfront investment. You’d get that 4500 back end of lease.

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Thanks for your feedback! Asking the dealer tomorrow whether there’s wiggle room on MF to get it closer to base or if he can go a pinch lower on selling price. Unfortunately I missed the sign up by 9/30 for the costco deal. Good note on the MSDs, will consider it! Thanks for your time.

Doesn’t sound like great value


Yeah… I’m finding that Volvos are pricey here in norcal! I spoke to two other dealers and this one was the best offer one made.

Really? Volvo at over 1%? Never…


Hi! Can you clarify what you mean by ‘over 1%’?

How does it compare to the Marketplace offers in your region?

I will refer you to @mllcb42 :smile:
There is some ballpark “rule” that a good lease is 1% of MSRP, so in your case it would be around $390/mo (which you can achieve with 11% pre-incentive discount, buy rate MF and MSDs. On Volvo you should always be well under 1% or keep shopping.

I’ve been combing through this forum and reddit and everywhere else I could think of but I’m not seeing too many XC40 lease related discussions, especially for norcal. My ultimate goal was to get the lowest monthly since I’m not picky about trim/options/packages, and this offer was the lowest one out of three dealerships I spoke to!

Thank you!


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This! It’s a decent deal you have, but it’s a poor value because of how cheap these cars once were—due to great stackable incentives.

Odd are they will be cheap again, if you can be patient.

For $60 Costco membership they are still good. But people are still thinking if it worth to pay $60/year and possibly save a few thousands on a new car later on.

yeah i dont even go to costco but i would’ve gotten the membership just for the 1250 discount… except i was a dummy and didn’t realize there was a sign up date limit. there goes 1250 down the drain

Unless I am mistaken, I believe this broker is roughly $10/mo cheaper, which is not much if you have to travel across the state; HOWEVER, note that his deal is a 2021, while yours is a 2020.

Appreciate your sleuthing! Yeah the travel required to pick it up is probably going to be more than the savings haha

For the same money, you can get a fully equipped v60cc with advanced package(adaptive cruise control, 360 camera, etc)