Deal Check: Volvo XC40 Recharge Ultimate Socal - $472/mo with MSDs

Tired of the nonsense with CDJR dealerships in socal, I resigned that I probably wasn’t going to get a GC 4xe trailhawk discounted for anywhere near what I wanted and started calling Volvo dealers today and after 3 calls landed on this one out of the gate.


Deal includes 8.75% dealer discount, $10,500 in incentives with loyalty, costco, and federal EV and paying CVRP rebate up front in addition to max MSDs. I know the C40 leases much better, but it’s just a little too small for my needs.

If all looks good they’re bringing the car and the paperwork to me tomorrow (let’s see a jeep dealer do that lol)


Looks good. See if you can get more of a discount :slightly_smiling_face:

The xc40 is quite small as well. Have you seen the xc60 recharge?

Got a dealer name or contact? I’d like to try this dealer for a C40

I feel like the absolute max I can get is maybe another $800 but it would be a lot of back and forth to get that. I asked for 9% and he came within like $50 on my initial offer, so I was left just saying “ok great let’s do it”

I drove the XC60 recharge which is also very nice and probably more versatile, but it’s only ever so slightly bigger for a lot more money (for only about 4 to 5 more cu ft of cargo capacity). The only thing I’ll be missing is the ventilated seats for about $200/mo less. Also the XC40 is waaaay more fun.


I’ll send anybody the contact info once the deal is finalized tomorrow. Probably one of the best guys I’ve dealt with and the easiest experience for sure. I made sure to let him know I could probably send him tons more prospects if they can get similar deals.

Keep in mind I’m doing max MSDs and getting full CVRP so without those this deal is more like $700/mo and I probably wouldn’t even consider it.


Volvo dealers are often much nicer than Jeep dealers :slightly_smiling_face:. Straight to the point and little to no bull

The Volvo sales guy I test drove the car with was hands down the absolute best sales guy I’ve had at any dealership, probably ever, including Audi, BMW, Lexus, etc.

That’s great to hear. Please pass it along if and when your deal goes through

I like the XC40 over the C40.

More 2nd row headroom and has a moon roof with power sliding cover as opposed to just the glass roof of the C40.

I thought the $7500 was usually a taxed incentive…

The CVRP is a state rebate, but if it’s being used as a down payment, it will be taxed.

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Interesting, I didn’t think down payment was taxed. Or maybe it is but the savings on the rent charge compensates for it? I was just going to pay it up front to get a lower payment and rent charge. The actual deal paperwork is within one or two dollars of what I calculated here so maybe?

Yeah I’m tall with broad shoulders so that little bit of extra headroom in the XC makes all the difference

The C40 is tempting though - here’s the same deal on a C40 Ultimate

Got me questioning if I really need the space after all

In the same boat as you, without the the CVRP rebate.

Leaning towards the C40 because the deal I’m looking at would be somewhere $4k-$5k more expensive with the XC40 due to RV/MF.

Better rear visibility is actually my main concern since the headroom is the same for the front two seats (and I won’t be likely seated in the back, which has less headroom). But for that much money? Tough call …

You have included $7500 incentive in both taxed and untaxed incentives. Does it have to be only in 1 or the other?

I think it’s the CVRP.

It is CVRP. I applied it up front out of pocket before applying for it.

Did you do the deal? Can you share your dealer info? Thanks.

I did! I was going to post a signed deal but I don’t actually have a copy of the paperwork yet. I signed all the paperwork when he dropped the car off a couple of days ago though.

Anybody that wants the info DM me because I don’t want dozens of knuckleheads who think they’re gonna get a sub $500 payment with no loyalty, costco, or CVRP calling this guy up saying “I saw on leasehacker you can do $470 a month?”

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Congrats… Thank you. Did you end up with the xc40 or c40? The c40 is heck of a deal you posted. Do you think they will replicate it?

I went with the XC40. I needed the extra bit of space without paying the even bigger $250 premium for the XC60 recharge.Also I like that it looks more like a regular Volvo SUV but is basically a rocketship on wheels.

You can always ask for similar numbers. Worst they will do is ask for a bit higher price. Also I had literally every discount stacked from Costco to loyalty to CVRP to MSDs and dealer discount. Without one or more of those it really becomes pricey.