Deal Check - Velar 2020 lease (Los Angeles)

Trial and error until the DAS matched the dealer quote.

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Honestly after talking to multiple dealers actively and aggressively for almost 2 weeks, the deal you got sounds like an extinct unicorn in this covid world. But then again I’m a relative newbie with leases (and with Velar am in particularly dangerous territory).

The feedback and info on this forum has been so valuable, thanks a lot. Will keep you posted on how bad of a deal I make (if I do).

Dear experts - Hoping to sense check one quick point with you. The dealership said the loaner (with 8200 miles on it) would be “uncertified”, that’s one way for them to keep the cost of the car down. I am told by the dealership that for purposes of my 36 month lease having this certification doesn’t matter because throughout the term of the lease this car would remain under factory warranty. So it would only be someone who is buying the car that would care about it being certified (i.e. warranty being extended beyond the factory warranty).

This sounds OK to me but wanted to check whether this raises any red flags for you, the experts. Thank you!

That makes me think they’re considering this a used car, not a loaner.

I guess I don’t care whether they consider it used or a loaner at 8500 miles. I just want to make sure that I am not losing any coverage or protection if the car is leased “uncertified”.

There is no such thing as a certified vs uncertified loaner that I’m aware of. Certified usually refers to something being a cpo, which isn’t an option if we’re talking about leasing a loaner. If we aren’t talking about leasing a loaner, then comparing deals against new/loaners is questionable.

Hmm in the carfax report it states the car was titled / registered as a “corporate fleet vehicle” with one owner. Not sure if that points towards it being a loaner or not. But regardless I guess I’m wondering why from a lease cost analysis perspective I would care if it’s a loaner with 8200 miles or a used car with 8200 miles?

The short answer is new car lease programs don’t apply to used cars. It’s the sort of thing that would make me nervous about getting to the dealer and having the deal changed on me.

It’s likely an MSO (driven by a JLR Corporate Employee) - they’re leasable.

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