Deal Check: Toyota Corolla LE 2020

Woah that’s insanely cheap! Unfortunately I’m not familiar with working with a broker for a car lol like where would I start?

They should sell it at lost. What are you talking about?
Go to another dealer. Pass this one


It’s a Corolla, it should be a huge loss. Pretty normal on that car


Just stating what the guy said. Still new to this, so when the dealer says that’s the lowest they can go after showing the FMV on KBB and Truecar, idk what else to say. It came down to a yes or no after 3 hours of negotiating. But will do. Thank you.

You can search this forum for brokers by region and read their review pages to see if you’d want to work with them. Here’s a link to a Toyota New Jersey search in the Marketplace where brokers have posted deals:
You’ll have to weed through some non-relevant topics (ie brokers in California) but there are at least two - three brokers in your region that have posted recently.

If you don’t want to work with a broker and you want to do the legwork yourself, I’d definitely suggest reading up on the Leasing 101 article and the FAQs to get a better idea for how the leasing process works/what you need to focus on when negotiating.

I would also highly suggest that you don’t visit dealerships to negotiate - do all of it via email or phone.

Also, are you absolutely set on a Corolla? Depending on incentives, MF, and RV, you may be better off casting a wider net and considering other makes/models.

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Here’s just a suggestion below you can look into for a solid deal, and he’s not far away from you. Again, you’ll need to do more research so you’re more comfortable with next steps. GLWT!

Look to put as little down as possible. With $2900 down the deal you posted is horrible. I think you should be around the payment you posted with $0 due at signing (sign and drive).

Shop around, if they won’t work with you, move to another dealer who will. Or if you don’t want to deal with the hassle there’s plenty of great broker deals on here that will save you time and money.

Hey, at least you asked before you signed!! Too many people check their deal after they’ve signed, only to find out it’s not very good.

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Corolla LE is very bare bones. Get a Hyundai Elantra SEL with a ton more features for less

Also, this is one of the worst deals in Toyota history. Walk away from this dealer and never contact them again.


Uhm in the picture you posted above this, it clearly states the destination fee is $955. Acquisition fee and destination fee are two different things. Destination fee is included in the MSRP. Acquisition fee is a fee charged when leasing.

As others have said, this is clearly an atrocious deal. Do all negotiation over phone and email. There is no need to go into the dealership and risk infection. I’m guessing this dealership has robbed you blind on all your previous leases.

Leasing a Corolla makes 0 sense typically. They’re reliable and make sense to buy and just hold. It’s all routine maintenance on them. A Tacoma, Elantra, etc will be much cheaper


Guys thank you so much. The amount of support I got from this forum is truly amazing. I really appreciate everyone’s help! I’m still new to this forum, I literally just signed up yesterday so I’m still new to all this information.

Yeah your right. My first lease was my previous lease at Toyota, 2k down + 1800 fees for 183/month including wear and tear. So yeah they did rob me…but i desperately needed a car at the time. Now I’m trying to be smarter this time.

You say “no”


Another point: You need to always stay away from non residualized accessories/dealer adds. If the vehicle already has them, refuse to pay for them.

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Thank you Jamie. I am familiar with how leasing process goes. My plan is to usually negotiate the overall cap cost lowest as possible. Then I talk numbers based the MF and Residual Value based from edmunds forums where I come to a monthly payment. I heard when it comes to all the sign up fees, those are unchangeable. I usually ask to waive the doc fees.

Wow didn’t think of this. Thank you Chris

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LOL ur so right

If you really like the car You’re probably better off buying. I’ve seen this car $5K off MSRP plus you can still use your loyalty of $500 (I live in FL and deals here aren’t even as good as other Regions)… in short this means the deal you’re getting is horrible… if you want to lease I’ve seen the “SE” version of this car for $250 w taxes $0 DAS And including loyalty… Lose this dealers number.

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so i called another dealership over the phone as recommended by most of you and the GM gave me $1800 drive and sign for $215/month 12k miles 36 months. which is so much shaved off from my last offer!

I am going to get in contact with another dealership and use this offer to negotiate something lower than this.

Thank you everyone. I will update everyone for those who care lol.

If you’re considering this car, why not a 3 series loaner, would be the same price and more features.

Can you link to one?

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