Deal Check: Subaru Forester Limited, how did I do?

It’s taken me a couple of weeks of shopping around and going through many dealers in SoCal but here’s the best deal I’ve been able to get on the car I want. About to pull the trigger on this, how did I do?

2020 Subaru Forester Limited
MSRP: $34,833
Sale price $30,701.36 ($4,131.66 discount)
RV: 58%, MF: .00105 (verified on

36 months/ 15K miles per year
$1,000 out of pocket (plus $500 Subaru coupon = $1,500 DAS)
$347/mo ($380 w/CA tax)

calculator link:

Have you talked to @rubbergash? This is a slightly lower discount than I’ve seen him post on other foresters in socal.

Yep, talked to @rubbergash and his quote was a bit higher for same car. He’s welcome to make me a lower offer, I’m ready to pull the trigger!

Probably not a bad deal then if it’s higher than he can do. That’s my quick sanity check for socal vw/subaru deals.

I put a Limited on the Spreadsheet just for you!

@rubbergash Thanks but not the same car! Mine has Package #32 and #3

And then…

Can you wait or do you need a car immediately?

I can wait, my current lease has one more month on it.

This deal isn’t really anything worth jumping on… wait if you can.

I don’t think waiting short term will help. Factories are closed and inventory is going down - I see prices keeping steady or going up for popular cars. When economy opens up later there will be more buyers and less incentives, likely what we’ll see the next 1 - 3, months. I think later this summer once the recession/depression goes into high gear deals will get really good but not before that and I need the car before end of June.

That sounds like confirmation bias more than anything else but it’s your money…

@max_g All kidding aside. I will disagree with you, and here is why. The factories are closed and there are no more Subarus in the pipeline. We are all going to be squeezed for inventory in less then 60 days. We already talked with our GM about raising prices this month, but are holding off for now. The pipeline is a barren wasteland of emptiness. @mllcb42 wants a Package #32 and #3 and I don’t have any which means I won’t have any for the next 60 days or so. I have been stressing on the posts on my thread to act now if you are serious. The deals will still be there in 30-60 days, but I guarantee you the inventory will not.


What @rubbergash says definitely fits my experience. I was actually in the market for a RAV4 Hybrid but there are literally NO RAV4s in all of SoCal with the options I wanted. I’ve been tracking prices for months on RAV4s and prices went up this month due to lack of inventory. Subarus have decent inventory compared to Toyotas but they are gradually dwindling. Factories, even when they open are not going to ramp up unless demand is there so inventory is not going to be good if you are picky about options.

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I really don’t get what’s so hard to understand about that.

Everyone thinks there is some pot of gold, free lease, waiting for them at the end of this…

It’s either hyper-optimism and a lack of reality, or cOroNa ViRUS sPeAcIal 1!1!!!