Deal check stelvio

Hi all,

Looking at a 2019 stelvio with MSRP of $48500, RV $22535 MF of .00015. $500 das $414 tax included at 39 months

What do you think ?

Look into that $1500 30k mile service you’re responsible for

Im working on getting a deal now and the dealer is telling me the only 2 devices I will need are 2 oil changes. I brought up the fat the third service is expensive and he said the only expensive service is the 60k miles. Is this true or are they lying?

If you’re at the dealer, you can ask the service dept how much the maintenance services cost. They are not cheap even for “oil changes”…

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Im dealing with them via email. They are saying the oil changes are $180 and I’m only taking it for 10k a year and turning in with less than 30k miles.