Deal check Stelvio Ti sport 2020

Hey guys I need a deal check here I’m new at this and seems a bit steep on the down payment.let me know what you guys think and if you have any pointers

  • Lessor

Chrysler Capital

  • Months


  • Miles Allowed


Market Value




Selling Price


Total Monthly Payment (Including Tax)




First Payment $497.93
Fees $1,108.70
Down Payment $6,360.38
Tax on Down Pmt $0.00
Lease Fees $0.00
Upfront Sales Tax on Fees $0.00
Total Due @ Del. $8,000.00

Check 24 month numbers too.

Which broker

will do, thanks Hershey

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Update guys, got them to go down to 520 a mpnth with 3k down and 447 with 5k down all taxes included … but idk about that . Any suggestions … thia is 36/10k

Just reach out to the broker, his deal is better.

Seems like broker’s car has less options than this one and idk what color it is and i really want that volcano black

I’ve been a student of this website for the better part of a year because in the past I’ve negotiated similar to what you doing now where you are just looking at due at signing and the monthly payment and not looking at the mechanics of the deal. This is a dangerous place to be. The first deal you posted appeared to show an 8000 dollar discount that was all by negated by the ridiculous down payment. The counter offer gave you some of that discount back but you might have more to go. You need to make sure they are giving you the appropriate money factor and what the true discount is pre incentives as a start.

Also, even though these are strange times, it’s worth looking at as many Stelvio deals as you can find on here. You may not be able to match it, but then again I don’t think a lot of people are banging down the doors at the Alfa dealers (at least here in Florida where I’ve been watching inventories at several dealers over the past few months)

I can get a quote for you tomorrow

Check 24/10 too, usually that turns out to be better. Also, you won’t have to do any out of pocket maintenance as only the first one is included. Little wear and tear in 24 months, and you won’t have to spend on tires, which you might have to worry about in 36 months lease.

:nauseated_face::face_vomiting: I think others have chimed in enough… more legwork (yourself, or broker) needed

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Thanks everyone for the help im def learning a lot with this. So I’m planning of countering with this. Please let me know what you guys think. Also 24 months I was thinking but he gave me numbers that made even less sense.

right now, the alfa programs favor 36 over 24 month

Yes, last month I got a quote on a 19 Giulia to sport for 405/405 dad, was very tempted for a 24/12k term.

Never hurts to double check, and op good on you for checking before purchasing. OP your calculator is blank you can’t copy the url you need to copy the share link button on the bottom on Mobile it the mid bottom left side of the screen under neath the results box.

Hey Hershey thanks. And I checked he came back at me with higher down and montly than for 36. And here is the link.

Dealer fee is wrong if Nj NY, get a quote from luxe, and a 3rd party leaser if possible (ally in this case no?).

It’s not terrible, but I personally wouldn’t take it.

Says lessor is Crysler Capital.

Not sure what changed this month. Last month 24 seemed better, it could be because I was counting in the $2500 loyalty which gives a nicer discount for 24 months vs 36…

Guy wouldn’t budge so was a hard no on this one … I’ll keep shopping, good thing I’m not in a rush to get a car.