Deal check Sonata Hybrid SEL 2021 36/12

best I could get so far for a sonata in Orlando Florida

msrp: $31,664
selling price : $30619
incentives : $2250 lease cash
money factor : 0.00099
residual: 59%
monthly : $307 (tax included)
due at signing : $2750

I know its a bad time to lease anything I just wanna know if this is worth s shot because I’ve seen $260 on sonata SEL and 245$ on SE which both are lower trims probably 6k to 8k diffrence in price

$2750 DAS makes your effective monthly about $410. Not a deal but I’m not sure there are great deals to be had on this car. Shopping for one myself for a week now and not doing any better than what you’ve got here (also in the south).

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