Deal Check - SoCal 2021 gla250

details listed in the title
MSRP 40520
selling price 39392

The dealer agreed on 460/month with everything else stay the same.
he wants me to do the credit application today to be the ammunition for 450/month tomorrow when he is back in the office.

Shall I do the credit application right now? I already have 2 hard pulls in the past year

this is the quote without msd. is there any of the fees listed negotiable?

Won’t hurt. If they reneg, all you’re out is the inquiry.

Deal seems like it could be better though for a GLA…

Discount is decent due to the current conditions; any reason you’re going for 48 months instead of 36 months?

It brings down the monthly by $30 if I go with 48 month.

And I’m only have 30000 miles total for the 4 year lease. Do not have to worry too much on the service/ maintenance.

Why not? MB doesn’t include free service/maintenance with their vehicles.

I would suggest a finance/purchase, if you must have a MB right now. Not many of the MB leases make much sense in the current market, GLA is no exception.

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