Deal check Rx350 2021

Is this a good deal for a Base FWD 2021 Rx350
They are saying they will take my current lease car without any ‘inspections’, fix this or that, disposition fee etc.
2021 Lexus RX350*
MSRP: 47,010
Cap Cost: 40,250
Drive off: $0
Monthly payment: $493.18 (included tax)
Zero down - though I am willing to pay the first months payment and DMV fees, which I think will bring it down somewhat.

Anyone seeing anything better in the area?

Given the current lease programs, as they apply to you, what pre-incentive discount gets you to those numbers? How does that amount compare against other RX deals? How do the purchase values from carvana/algo/vroom/etc compare to your current buy out on your trade?

If there’s any equity in that car, that’s cold hard cash you’re throwing away. Did you find out?

There’s no equity. I got it for zero down, zero driveoff.
Lease is up in 3 months. I don’t want to go through the hassle of buying new tires and whatnot.
Not looking to make money from Carvana etc - I heard they are terrible at paying off the trade ins in a timely fashion.
Did not go into money factors etc yet.
Was hoping to hear about other local deals here if any. That is why I posted.

I sold my 2015 BMW X5 to Carvana in December of last year. I got a letter from the lienholder a couple of weeks after Carvana picked up the car saying the loan was paid in full. I felt that was a respectable turn around.

One doesn’t dictate the other.

No one can help you determine if this is a good deal without the complete picture. Even if you don’t want to deal with selling to someone like carvana (which selling my lease to them was the easiest process I’ve ever gone through), getting the equity information helps you understand the deal in front of you. Otherwise, you have no idea what the actual cost is.