Deal Check - QX60 Luxe in Philadelphia


MSRP $52,300
Sell Price $43,508
39 months
12,000 miles per year

$1,750 down (didnt give me a breakdown yet)

$547 /mo all-in (thats a lot in my opinion)

Dont know RV or MF yet! I just hate the fact that they dont provide it upfront

How does that sound in Philadelphia? (11% tax here)

The ship sailed a long time ago on QX60 deals, time to move on to something different

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That’s XC90 money. I would take a look at some other vehicles.

I leased the same model at 52K for $459 with $0 out of pocket, just first payment with no MSDs. But that was back in 2018. Technology on this thing is about 10 years old. I suggest going with something else.

motivated by your suggestion, and liking what I see in XC90 , making a call to the dealers around but question for you is it possible to get aroun 450-475 (all in) for this car? or am I out of my mind

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Don’t think we’ve seen Volvo’s for that price this month and the lack of incentives doesn’t help

Depends on which XC90 you want. Surely, you can get a stripped down loaner T5 Momentum for monthly of what you want.

But usually people option it more than barebones so I don’t believe you can get a mid grade XC90 all in for that. Come up on your budget and you can meet it.

Looked into Momentum and kinda liked it but max I could do is 500 , is that too out of range or should I wait for August?
I am sure there may be some other incentives coming up!

No one has a crystal ball, but the primary Volvo incentives were in May-June with loyalty, costco, and higher RV’s. That’s not to say you can’t get a good or even great deal now or in August… but you won’t get the type of deals we were seeing a month or two back.

For a loaner? Maybe. For a fully equipped momentum or r-design? Probably not.

thats exacly what i am hoping for , a loaner. But i just cant figure our how much a dealer would take off from the MSRP and that is the number that matters

Aim for 15% pre-incentive. That would be extremely good considering the current inventory levels.

so another deal check for you !

Demo XC90 T6 with 7800 miles (says used by a controller of the company) build date May 2019. MSRP 60K 36m/12k with 1500 down is coming to be 717/m!
selling price 52900
res 56.517%

Why so much a month? what am I missing

The sweet spot is under 5000 farts for fart cars.

You’re thinking BMW, Volvo is a flat per mile charge up to 10k but unless discount matches it’s not worth it on the higher mileage cars.

Your statement is correct, as bmw receives a huge residual drop off after 4999 miles.

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Got one two months ago $1200 down $495 month