Deal Check: Please help me rate this Ioniq 5 offer

This is for a 2023 Ioniq 5 SEL RWD. 36 months/10k miles

RV: 57%
MF: 0.00296

Msrp: $50,280
Discount: $3,280
Rebate: $7,500
Adjusted Price: $39,500
Add: Paint and Fab protection: $495
Window Tint: $495
Total Purchase: $40,490

Taxable fees: $650
Doc fee: $699
Taxes: $943.06
Non tax fees: $47
Balance: $41,866

Monthly payment with $0 DAS: $623, $1000 DAS: $588, $5000 DAS: $460

Appreciate the help!

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Well from the top of my head if I see any ‘add ons’ it tells me something is bad about the deal.

Not sure on markups on the tint or paint protection there but the discount on msrp is very solid. Most brokers here were 3% off msrp on ioniq 5.

What state is this? Wonder if they do similar on the i6

Also the MF is still high in grand scheme of things so you would want to just buy it out immediately, and refinance at 5% or something and have a great deal on an EV with free charging for 2 years.

Its not a real discount where there are thousand(s) in forced add ons.

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Leasing 101 q: How does buying out a lease work? Wouldn’t I be on the hook for all remaining lease payments which would basically mean making payments at the original interest rate? Could I technically lease the car then buy it out immediately with cash and get the benefit of not getting skinned on interest rate?

Yes, cash or finance with a lower APR

THOUSANDS? No. I see $495 for Window Tint which is actually reasonable in todays market… and the $495 for paint protection.

He can of course just say no to those… but I suspect he wants those items anyway and it is not bad for tint. Paint protection, no clue what it actually is, PPF film or just some wax or some insurance. lol.

Even if this $1,000 was all profit… $3200 off on the Ioniq 5 right now is not bad… considering brokers here are at most offering 3% discount before paying a $500 broker fee.

So even with these add ons, it is a very solid deal.

I have been shopping for same vehicles and the most I was able to secure is 3% so far myself, which is around $1,500.

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$3,280 off MSRP is a good deal even with the garbage add ons.

The SE + SEL trims are not in high demand in the US so this is not a flip for sure.


Have the dealer run the lease through Us Bank and not Hyundai financial

Maybe for decent window tint, but not the shitty stuff the dealer will put on. If anything, its a negative vslue because of the cost of having to remove it if you want tint that doesnt suck.

$2200 off may be a decent deal here, but let’s not kid ourselves into thinking theres a $3200 discount.


Well, only one way to find out… ask the dealer to remove those add ons. =)

This is definitely more like a $2,500 deal. You are right, not $3,200… not yet that is.

In my opinion, it might be wise to delay your purchase until the end of Q2 as there is a potential for an improvement in the numbers in the near future.

what is US Bank doing? And is US Bank buyout better?

Typically us bank does not directly pass on a cap cost reduction on evs, so if buyout is your goal, theyre usually not the way to go.

potential for an improvement in the numbers in the near future.

There is a potential for 3 things and the potential is all the same:

  1. It stays the same
  2. It gets worse
  3. It gets better

What is your reasoning that there is a higher chance that the numbers improve?

I am guessing he is looking at a slowdown scenario.

Talked with a VW sales manager and he just said they saw their EV sales crawl to a holt. local Hyundai dealer has been very slow to sell Ioniq and getting more and more vehicles in now.

Then there is the expected Tesla price drop to drive model 3 sales towards end of Q2. Their inventories are near record levels on those.

And of course Jan 1, the federal tax credit will be point of sale, so that will also cause pricing pressures the more we get closer to that date.

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Lol, I agree with point 1 and 2, but 3? That’s just a place for Dealers to rob consumers.

Cars do not come with clear glass; the windows are tinted when they’re installed at the factory.

My CPO M550 was tinted before it became mine (and it was a quality job), and I still regret not having it removed.

Also, at some point on the darkness spectrum the extra tint makes the car look ridiculous.

Factory windows are typically dyed during the window manufacturing process… it’s not a separate film that gets added.

The primary benefit to an aftermarket tint job is getting something with excellent IR blocking. Something you’re never going to get out of a $499 dealer add on.