Deal Check Please 2020 Honda Odyssey EX-L

congrats on the excellent deal!


@wycliff I had a dealer tell me to go make a paper airplane with your quote LOL


@matt1028 Too funny (but not)! Have you checked pricing using the Rodo app? I used a deal I found on the app as leverage when I first went to the dealership and told them I was ready to click the Purchase Now button. That got them scrambling.

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That’s a good tip, but no Odyssey’s near me on Rodo. Your discount was so good, another dealer told me I should go to Florida to get one :joy::unamused:

@matt1028 Looks like i may have been a month to early! You have any luck yet? I’m assuming there our some sick deals out there now!

Signed a pretty good one on Thursday. I still couldn’t beat your discount!

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Hello @matt1028 and @wycliff
I have looked at both your lease deals.
I am interested in leasing ex l with rear /navi.
If i get 425 a month for 0 das, is that a good deal?
@matt1028 i thought urs was better, urs is 425 and @wycliff is 356 + 3k das which translates to 430 with 0 das. Sorry i am newbie in terms of leasing.


Yes, to me it would be an excellent deal. Once you have an offer, post it in ask the hackrs (before you sign!) and we can all give you feedback. Good luck!

This is the deal I am about to sign in Dallas, TX. Please let me know if this good deal
2020 EXL w NAV/RES
MSRP: $41,155
Selling Price: $34,224
Dealer Pro Pack : $1495
Residual Value : $23869
12K miles/Month
Total $ due at signing: $0
Monthly payment including taxes: $421.59

The lower monthly payment makes sense but not sure about the RV and capitalized costs.

They can’t screw up the residual. Get rid of that pro pack and you have a strong deal.

This is a good deal as is and the RV is correct. I got this exact van/trim 10 days ago. Does the selling price include the $1k rebate for Conquest/Loyalty? Can you post a calculator link?

Depending on if they included the rebate in the selling price, you might be able to get some of the pro pack taken off, but your discount is really strong for an Odyssey.

I think this is unicorn territory without that dealer pro pack. Effective 379 a month tax included.

OP, did you get any tax credits?

Honestly, even with the pro pack, the discount is so strong and combined w the solid money factor this month, it is borderline Ody unicorn as is.

Curious on the taxes as well…

Thank you all for your responses. I am finally getting it for $ 419.15 monthly. Yes there are tax credits , otherwise I won’t be able to get to that monthly payment with Zero down. Other dealers are not coming any closer to this.

Awesome deal! Lets see some pics and welcome to the Ody club! Once you enter, you never leave:)

thank chrishs2000

Sorry, I’m new around here as I’m looking to lease a 2020 Honda Odyssey EX-L and came across this thread. I’m in Los Angeles and have the current offer on the table:

$2000 down
$450/month including taxes and all that for 35 months
$23,116 buyout at the end of 3 years
12k miles

It seems compared to some of the other deals it’s not quite as much of a steak but is it good, or should I try to negotiate down some more. Thanks in advance!

need more info I guess, what was the MSRP and selling price?
based on that we can see what the residual value

also what are they offering on the MF?
2k down or drive-off?

They haven’t responded yet to our email asking for MSRP, selling price, or MF. It is $2k drive off though. Isn’t 23,116 buyout the residual value or am I conflating two unrelated things? I’ll update when I get more info.

Yes, that’s what’s also known as the RV.