Deal check on this 2024 BMW iX

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This seems like not a good deal considering the numbers I’ve seen on this forum. But I can’t understand what makes the monthly payments so high. The dealer is offering a good discount (I think), getting the $9900 credit. Not sure why it’s still so high. Can anyone help me understand? Dealer didn’t share MF with me, but I’m guessing that’s making this a bad deal??

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Not a good deal at all.


IAC, reached out to you via email. Waiting for a good deal to come my way.

Sent you a DM.

This is a high MSRP unit. Payment will be higher than average you see here.
You may want to just consider a M60 instead.
Discount should be in the low teens %.
Non-tax fees seem very high.
I would bet on a MF markup given the payments.
Have you looked into MSDs ?

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Just recently learned about MSDs. Going to another dealer this weekend. Let’s see what kind of quote they give me and I’ll ask about MSDs.

Go to the Wiki here and learn how to put a lease payment/DAS together with the calc.

Just let @IAC handle this for you and save the headache. You’re in good hands.


For starters don’t “go” to dealerships. Home court advantage - shop from home then go in once you have a deal.

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We’re taking this offer tomorrow:

2024 BMW iX50
discount - 12% off MSRP
Rebate -$9,900
Conquest -$1000
15,000 miles/yr
Acquisition Fee $925 rolled in to loan
Money Factor 0.000268
$766 + tax
$3,000 DAS (include 1st month, sales tax on cap cost reduction, misc. DMV fees)
no MSD
Dealer also threw in floor mats

The $1,000 conquest expires July 1.


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I’m taking a similar deal today

MSRP: $95,095
Discount: $11,411.40 (12%)
Selling Price: $83,683.60
Incentives: $9,900
Down Payment: $0
Term: 10k/year, 36 months

Security Deposits: $5600
Deposits: 7
Savings: $2,100.90
Annual ROI: ~12.5%

Finance Cost: $30
Depreciation: $683
Taxes: $77

First Month: $799
Acquisition Fee: $925
Dealer Fee: $499
Government Fees: $1,675


Thanks to @IAC_Scott .


This is an invalid MF. An MF is formatted as .00XXX.

Are you saying that the poster is off by a factor of 10 or that there shouldn’t be a leading zero before the decimal?

The correct base MF for the 2024 and 2025 iX xDrive50 for the Western Region is .00026. That can be marked up to .00066.

I have an offer of 12% pre rebate discount at buy rate MF. But still considering (overpaying for) a Rivian. So as you can see from others in this thread, 12% discount is a reasonable and very achievable target.

Nope. MF’s are always expressed as 5 decimal places to the right of the decimal point, not 6. A leading 0 to the left of the decimal point is fine as it is a non-significant digit… e.g., 0.00XXX

Then in this case it should be .000xx, no?

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Heavily interested in the IX, North East (NJ) location, wondering if something like this is achievable by me. What is the “rebate” (Not dealer discount) that is being offered here? I know there might be a NJ EV rebate/tax credit? Any information is helpful and thank you for this thread.

Ah I see here - *Offers available to qualified customers with excellent credit history who finance through BMW Financial Services NA, LLC. Offer limited to customers who have owned or leased a BMW model in the last 12 months. In order to qualify for a BMW Loyalty Credit, loyal current or former BMW owners or lessees must show proof of ownership or BMW Financial Services NA, LLC account number and qualify for credit approval. Available credit of $9,900 off MSRP on select new 2024 BMW iX models ($9,900 Lease Credit on a iX xDrive50 and iX M60). Must take delivery by July 1st, 2024. Availability of Lease and Loyalty Credits are subject to dealer participation. Visit your authorized BMW Center for important details.

If you don’t go thru with the transfer you posted on, I can get you setup with a deal.

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