Deal check on new 2021 BMW X5 Xdrive40i SoCal

New lease on x5 xdrive socal.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:
MSRP: $ 65995
Selling Price: 58871 (10.8%)
Monthly Payment: $ 768 tax included.
Drive-Off Amount: $ 2450
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12000
RV 55%

Leasing a std option xdrive. Dealer would not go below 10.8% off the msrp.

Is this before or after incentives? Also what’s your MF?

What mf was this at?

It’s after the incentives Not sure of MF.

Have you already signed or not yet? If yes, then Congrats! If not, then I think you have more room to go on the pre-incentive discount. Aim for 10-11% off before incentives, not including incentives. Also be sure the MF is the base MF for this month (0.00086).

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I see. I haven’t singed yet. Thanks!

The difference between buy rate and full marked up mf on this car is about $1500

Not sure what this means but I hope you realize it’s not very well-equipped

I spent 2 hours at the dealership yesterday trying to get a good deal… They told me there’s nothing wrong as far as their obligations. They apologized, and wanted me to take a car instead at 2500/640 12k on a 59k msrp, 4k mileage car.

How does this compare to your original deal?

They wasted two hours of your time, ran your credit app, and proceed to try to sell you a 59K loaner at $709 effective per month. I will pass and proceed to reward them with reviews on social media.


Post your #s on your original deal so the hackrs can dissect it and get you the insights

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Have them make it right or else you’re calling corporate.

Yea, call the sales manager, the dealer can easily make this right by offering you an apples-to-apples car at the same deal.

I would check their inventory first and know exactly what stock number you’re asking for. If they don’t have something suitable then check nearby dealers they possibly can swap with. If they say the programs have now changed tell them that’s not your problem.

If you don’t get any traction with the SM, then tell them your next calls will be to unleash hell with the dealer GM, Corporate, social media, etc.

Definitely post your original deal for feedback to see if it’s even worth pursuing.

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Without knowing the numbers, they could’ve done you a favor …

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I won’t pretend to know what SoCal inventory is like at the moment, but I always push to get in the range of 10% off before any incentives are applied, and base MF on any of my own leases or those I help set up. Not every dealer will meet this, and it really does depend on how many cars they’re working with at any given time.

This is still a pretty shitty situation though. I would be pushing for the GSM to make it right for you else you blast them on social media and review pages.

See if @Clutch still has that new 2020 X5 for 15% off. May be better than whatever this dealer ends up doing

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Be sure to specify your location when asking for input on a deal! Tagging by state (e.g. CA, NJ, NY) is mandatory.

X5 demo 2020 Mileage 4500 mi
MSRP 66170
SP 53867
Bank Fee 925
MF 0.00086
RV 34031.85
Monthly 625
3000 DAS

I got this after going back several times with the dealer. What do you think?

What incentives do you qualify for? One of my friend in SoCal paid 1500 down and 685/mo for a demo with 10500 miles. He did have loyalty tho and incentives may have been different back then(December if I remember correctly).