Deal check on a 2020 Toyota Tacoma

Hey everyone, just wanted to see if I’m getting a good deal or not, this is for a 2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road

MSRP: $39,080
Cap: $34,784.22
Monthly: $225
DAS: $2681
Term length: 24 months
Miles: 12k per year
MF: 0.00095 (2.28 apr)
Residual: $30,482.40 (78%)

Lease is with US bank

Lease hacker score was a 10.6 I believe but I never know if I enter the info correctly on that thing!

I’m also trading my current car in so that’ll likely take care of the majority if not all of the DAS. Thanks everyone! Let me know if I left anything out. Also I’m located in NYC.

TFS, Ally or US bank?

Just use @Jrouleau426. Pretty sure he can do better than that.

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OP is not too far from jrouleau’s last quote (not counting the broker fee & drive to PA from NYC)

“Tacoma offrd
$213/mo + TTF
39,300 msrp”

I’d say a good job by OP but more information is needed to properly evaluate.

But higher DAS

You don’t know for sure.
Jrouleau’s TTF would be in the same ball park for NYC.

Yeah probably I was doing the calculation base on my estate

Not a bad deal. Get a check for your current Trade in and get them down to $300. Don’t put anything down…


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