Deal check on 2021 Kia Forte gt

This is for Illinois I feel like the payment is a bit high would like the pros input thank you
Here’s the calculator

Have you confirmed rv/mf/pack of incentives with Edmunds?

I have not, on my way to do that now thank you

The national offer for a Forte GT is $189/ $2499 = $258 /month.

You can definitely do better.

In fact checking the marketplace its $179/$1000 = $205 in CA?

Your deal is sorta meh.

National offers also tend to be before taxes and fees.

So I did confirm them and they are on par with edmunds. What do you think of this deal?

Post a screenshot of their reply to you

That says they are basically giving you $700 off on the car plus incentives.(I also saw that the kia lease offer gives a $500 bonus)

So basically national offer
Negotiate to that CA offer and then you are cooking.

Not sure the RV in the calculator is correct: The RV should be -1% to go from 10k to 12k, I think?

The lease cash, if it’s embedded within your discount, needs to be stripped out and placed in one of the incentives fields.