Deal check on 2020 Hyundai Palisade SEL FWD


Msrp: $38585
Selling price : $35145
Incentives : $750 cash bonus
36/12000 miles
MF: 0.00151
Residual: 59%
Region : central Florida
Out of pocket : $4000
Monthly payment : $ 385 (tax included)

Best I could get in central Florida so far, what do you guys think ?

Compared to what I have seen here this is almost reasonable for a Hyundai

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Is your selling price before or after the incentives?

It’s before incentives

Solid deal then.

Make sure you’re happy with the missing packages on a $38k MSRP SEL. Lots of people are surprised when they go to use the satellite radio or some other feature that only comes on the drive guidance package.

Also, when shopping, specs have changed for 21 with the new lower trim models getting an upgraded infotainment, so make sure you’re comparing apples to apples.

The 20s are still eligible for $250 post sale rebate from bonus drive as well.

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Ah ok thank you for that, I haven’t looked at the 2021 yet so maybe I should do that and then compare

They improved the specs on the SEL packages a bit, so worth looking and comparing prices

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Does the 4K out of pocket include any down payment? experts say go with zero or lowest possible down payment in case of lease.

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As @mllcb42 mentioned definitely give the 2021 model a look over and see what type of deal you can get. Regarding this deal - it’s actually a good deal on a Palisade and if you are satisfied with the trim and FWD go for it.

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Yeah it’s 2300 down payment + All the fees and the 1st month

Don’t put any money down other the first payment. Total it a few months down the road and that cash is gone :money_with_wings:


Buy it imo if they’ll give you the same selling price on financing it. The payment will be a bit more but if it holds its value which it likely will since its a large SUV you’ll end up saving like 3-4k. $485 a month is a lot for a 38k vehicle.

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I agree with purz if you’re intent on putting money down…go ahead an own it. It should maintain it’s value, you already know their reliable and you won’t beat the Hyundai warranty.

And also start googling remedies to get the fart smell out of the seat headrests, since that’s apparently a major source of grief for Palisade owners.


It’s not an issue on the SEL trim and only on a small number of limited trims. It’s a source of grief for a very small number of owners.