DEAL CHECK on 2020 AUDI Q5 P+. Wife interested in Audi Q5 and Acura RDX

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Question is if waiting for summer of Audi worth waiting for? I dont know what the incentives are because I’ve never paid attention to Audi before. I can help her out with loyalty now or wait for the summer sales event, but is it really even worth waiting for?

She’s leaning more towards the RDX but having found it’s having transmission problems I’m trying to steer her away from that choice. However, as a lease, is it really worth the worry? Also, the high MF for a lower MSRP car makes me disinterested, but isn’t my choice in the end.

It could be or it couldn’t be. Nobody knows. You need to make an educated decision with the data you have available knowing that these are unprecedented times.

Heard. I don’t think it’s worth waiting for. Most I can dig up on past deals seems to be minimal discounts. Ballpark in the 500’s.

Regardless of it being a lease, why would you choose a car that has transmission problems? That’s a major issue, and while it’s a lease, is your time not valuable? who wants to be at a dealership outside of regular scheduled maintenance.

Where have you heard/seen the RDX is having transmission issues? As far as I know, it’s the same engine and transmission as the Honda Accord 2.0T. The Honda 10AT has been getting great reviews so far. Very crisp shifting. The MDX with the 9 speed ZF transmission is the one with the issues from what I’ve heard.

I first started searching since people have mentioned it here. I’ve found reviews on Edmunds saying the infotainment stops working and the engine will cut out while on a highway.

I haven’t heard any concerns with the Acura. I thought the interior was well-done (when I looked at one in the showroom), while waiting to take delivery of my 2020 TLX. I love the Audi Q5’s, however- “tired” of seeing them on the road and being so common these days…I’d go RDX, but obviously you can’t go wrong with either. I should come down to personal taste + cost, not mechanics/dependability issues. If anything, Honda has a better build reputation vs. VW. Good luck with your decision.

The Q5 is a great size and feels more roomy inside than it is with big mirrors and high roof line. RDX center console takes up a ton of space and makes you feel slightly cramped. As far as I’ve seen on the forums, the Q5 has better deals right now. Although it may be due for a refresh soon to bring in the dual screen set up of the other Audis, with Q5 being one of the last.

Thanks everyone. Ultimately deciding on the Audi. Working on a quote today and will come back for a deal check. Can we close this thread or should I ask for the check on this thread?

Just put the deal in this thread vs opening a new one since it’s related

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This is pretty much the second offer I have from the dealer. This is the dealer I went through with my S5 and they easily matched what I was asking so I haven’t even compared to other dealers right now. They easily came up with what I found brokers are offering in the Northeast. I provided the calculator but also here’s the breakdown. No Audicare as the first oil change is complimentary meaning she would only have to do one oil change on her own before lease end. I’m satisfied with the offer since its close to a broker deal but nothing too special either. I tried to convince her to take a Volvo but she’s not a fan. Also, I haven’t mentioned she wants to trade in her 2006 Honda Accord w/ 135,000 miles. I don’t know when to mention that. Other than that, here goes.

36 months and 7,500mi

MSRP: $50545

Sale Price: $44999 (11%)

Residual: 56%

MF: .00039 w/ 8 MSD’s = New MF .00001

Cap Cost Adjust: $1750

Upfront Fees + MSDs + 1st Mo = $2600 + $3800 MSD

Monthly = $452

Hard pass…

Btw the 8th MSD is partially wasted, just do 7.

Why hard pass? Where can improvements be made?

On a % basis people have done much better on SQ5s and Etrons.

Haven’t seen a good Q5 deal in a long time. Find a different model

Agreed. She won’t change her mind to either. I tried.

If she won’t change her mind, you’re gonna have to pay to play.

I never do a trade in and a purchase at same time hit up the usual suspects Carvana, Vroom, Carmax ect and see what they offer.

Good idea. Thx

Just for people looking for a Q5 for something to compare to.

Audi has a limit to the MF with MSD’s. Their hard limit is .00005, so with MSD’s I could only do as many that would allow me to get as close to that which was .00009.

Can anyone actually confirm that this is true? Audi caps their MF at .00005?