Deal check on 1500 GMC Sierra elevation

Deal check for Colorado. My brother is wanting to see if this is a good deal or not? He has a 2018 Tacoma well under miles that would be turned in.

If I’m seeing this right they’re taking off 2k which is actually a rebate so they’re not discounting anything. Also 5k down plus the tacoma trade in? Is he getting the equity added to the 5k?

Thanks for taking a look at this. Yes, I see that the rebate is actually the discount. The 5k down is not solid and I do not want to put that much down. They ran these numbers before I mentioned the Tacoma, so they may need to rework the sheet. I will use the equity in place of the downpayment.

Garbage deal

I’ve searched the forums to see what others are paying didn’t find much.

I would say 51500 is about invoice that would be my target or below before incentives.

Update: Get rid of the 39/10 and do 36/10. The deal doesn’t make sense and the savings is only a couple dollars.

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Here is the “updated” worksheet with the trade equity. I’m still dealing with them on getting the price down (and they haven’t changed down payment yet).

Thanks for the advice, appreciate the help!

No worries just picked one up myself

He’s not “eating up” 2k of down payment, they’re using your trade allowance of 1.8k towards that. It’s amazing that dealers still do this, such a dumb tactic. So you’re back where you started, they haven’t done anything really.


The 2000 rebate is for conquest from GMC, not sure where the 5000 is coming from as it’s probably a retail cash from GMC.

Reverse engineering this “deal” looks like about a 4% discount at base MF. He’d have to compare that with other deals to see if it’s good or if he has room to improve.

You’re right he’s still paying 5000 up front on this dealer, it’s just the part the dealer is eating is the trade equity.

Post a calculator with the numbers and fees to give yourself and everyone else a better idea.