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Hey guys. Helping my neighbor out. Talked her in to her 1st lease but not with me sadly. baby steps. She really likes the Nissan Altima. Got in contact with the dealership
2.5 SLSedan1-Speed CVT w/OD
MSRP: 34215
Selling Price: 29974
Months 36
miles 12
rv 55
mf .00003
3500 down (trade on her old car)
267 a month. not sure what i am wrong with the calc

what do you guys think

link to the magical calculator is here

Which Altima is it?

2.5 SLSedan1-Speed CVT w/OD

Check Rodo

Talk her out of an Altima


I got 2020 acura tlx A SPEC 280 per month w 2600 das n Msrp 40425

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My guess is there are $2-3000 incentives being applied to get to that selling price and that they’re taxed, so you’re missing $250ish in taxes.

My pricing comes out a little lower on the Altima, you can PM or call/text me

I am not allowed in any acura dealerships anymore or 500 feet from a Chuck E Cheese, (she had an acura before did not like it.)

Imaging how she’s going to feel after 2 weeks of driving an altima


WoW yOu ArE sO FuNnY

Had a customer who had a 19 altima who had nothing but issues. I my self owned a couple of nissans. they all had issues with something… CVT Tranny sucks. their 5spd auto sucked also.

2003 and later nissans were the best. after 04 they tanked.

Does it matter?

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That’s almost $400/mo for a Altima, run fast and far away!

It matters a lot, I won’t be able to sleep at night if I don’t know which trim level he got quoted on

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The answer is always no.

CVT Altima with $3,500 down?

Run away. Accord deals on here have been better than this.

No even the 2003 had issues. My sister had a 2003 altima that was nothing but issues.

02-04 altimas has horrible engine issues! like horrible.