Deal check: Nissan pathfinder 23


Is this a good deal on an 18 month pathfinder lease.
This is the exact model
And this is the quote from auto companion

Will also have to pay $599 finders fee and around 500 shipping


Your link shows 24-mo. You should double check the rate and terms and repost.


Autocompanion deals are pretty good, what kind of question do you have? And it’s not a $599 finders fee, he didn’t find it, its basically a Dealer Commission that you can see upfront.

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No specific question on it besides of the more experienced think it’s a good deal

Here is the 18 month link

I do see a bug in his software, it says 15k when you selected 10k.

@AutoCompanion did you know about this?

Edit : Nevermind, it’s total Miles

Please Disregard

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He has to go on the lot and FIND it! Sorry, couldn’t resist the Seinfeld reference.


Yeah, that’s right! High five!

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I’m gettin’ the insider’s deal!


You have such high upfront costs plus $395 disposition.

Why would you want to pay so many one-time costs every 18 months?

Just to be ~$450 effective on a base Pathfinder?

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Not a Pathfinder expert but there’s a higher MSRP SV marked down to less than the S you’re looking at.

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I was thinking to buy something then when the market will hopefully calm

Autocompanion isn’t giving much discount on the sv beyond the website discount so the sv will end up costing more