Deal check: Mazda 2020 Cx5 GT 36/10

Hi all
Thanks for your help btw.
I called in to ask for a cap cost of 29500, with money factor at .00012 and residual at 57%. This is what they gave me. Feels a little high? Where can I negotiate in this situation?


I don’t like the deal. Do you qualify for any incentives? And what area are you in?

yes, me neither. It’s the lowest I’ve gotten, however.
I’m in Minneapolis, but will be in New York at beg of July as well.

Check out the video noted, you will find solid guidance on a discount from MSRP specifically for the CX-5.

In addition, given Covid-19’s impact on the new car marketplace the normal discount guidelines may not apply. More than ever, today’s marketplace puts a premium on shopping around to several dealers to get a good/great deal. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, negotiate with as many dealers as you have time for. If you don’t have the time, go with one of the many reputable brokers you will find on this site.

If you dig into the marketplace feedback on this forum you will find that new car inventories are tight (lack of new car production) and dealers are working to maximize per-unit profit (since there are no manufacturer bogeys). All signs indicate a good deal will come through legwork or good broker. Happy hunting.

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9.4% total discount (though I am not sure why a payment waiver counts as a discount or what SUPP DOC is) is really not good.

Go to Edmunds to check the RV and MF value (sometimes can be used for incentives as well) and plug into calculator with better pricing (usually 12% before incentives is a good aim).

An effective payment of $380-390 is closer to Volvo XC60 territory much less a CX-5.

I would reccomend speaking to
Thomas at @AutoLeaseNinjas or another broker on here. Thomas just got me a CX9 grand touring for 370/m with just first payment down. From
His spreadsheet it seems he’s at about 50-60 dollars less per month than your current offer without loyalty

thanks. I did check the RV and MF value and it’s apparently applied here… so not sure where the extra $ came from.

If I had to guess you got your quote from Morries? Run away if that is the case. Try calling Brookdale Mazda up and ask for Eric. Tell him Chad sent you. I deal with him all the time. That is a straight forward dealership and they wont screw around with you.