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I guess I overestimated you, or maybe it’s underestimated, I’m not sure. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I overestimated your affinity for sporty driving cars/suvs/wagons on stilts and underestimated your ability to say no to a fast capable family hauler with a Porsche badge.

Late to the party but just wanted to say the Stelvio is a tremendous handler and has fantastic feel. Better than the 330xi I leased after it. No idea what leases are like these days.

Also think the significant tech difference is important. Back up camera and 3D don’t mean as much when you’re parking in midwest strip malls, but for urban living they are extremely valuable. Remote start also important for winters

It wasn’t intended as personal attack on you, or as means to silence anyone from expressing their approval of big cars in this forum. it was me sharing a theory as to why someone would prefer very big car to compact or mid-size. That’s why I didn’t take it as an insult or personal attack when another poster suggested that small cars are ‘restrictive’, and good in constraining or making someone feel small and constrained, and that’s why preferred. That’s their personal view of why small cars can be preferred to large ones.

In any event, I understand that you have interpreted my comment as a personal attack, and I have deleted that sentence in the post you have mentioned.

Volvo for life :point_up::grin:

I can think of maybe 10 reasons as to why someone would prefer a “big” car. The two most obvious being for extra space and possible safety. A big car is not an 18 wheeler as you have alluded to. And whether you actually think this or not, status or inferiority complex as reasons for buying a larger car class is preposterous.

I was correcting your impression that you were being mistreated by moderators in this thread, since you cited a section of forum policy about moderator behavior.

You can flag posts for these types of concerns.

The rest of that was so you could see the irony in your own comments.

Personal preference about things like vehicle size, let’s just agree to disagree and move on.

Subsequent posts on topic please.

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My comment about forum rules wasn’t directed at you or max_g, neither of you tried to silence or request that other member stop posting, or limit words typed. Forum rules cited apply to ‘trusted hakrs’, so I assumed anyone who has that badge is a moderator, and one in particular is very vocal in demanding that I get lost and stop sharing my views on pretty much anything, even speaking on behalf of all brokers/dealers who visit this forum, promising me that ‘no one here will work with you’.

I get the irony part, as I mentioned my comments about ‘trusted hakrs’ and some of their vocal supporters who want me out of here wasn’t aimed at you or max.

FYI. Emeritus means retired.

OP. If you’re still here go ahead get the Macan it’s only 24 months anyways. YOLO.


Annnd Happy Sunday morning

Happy to see how alive this thread is :slight_smile: Personally I don’t mind it at all nor find that it was off-topic, if that helps.

Before this choice I was always an BMW > Audi. I love Audis, I have one, but i knew the tech and driving of BMWs was better. Still those redesigns over the last year have been tough to bear, you can still configure something decent, but looking at the Macan is a delight so happy to move fwd with this choice and try it out 2 years.

As for the tech, I’m sure you’re right, I’m hoping Carplay handles most of my needs, and I do feel coming from a bluetooth installed by pulling my radio out and ordering a kit from germany, will be in any case a HUGE improvement.


Thanks everyone for sharing your opinions!! Appreciate it immensely.
I’ve asked autocompanion to move fwd and paid the broker fee, will update once it’s signed!


Our neighbor has a Macan and loves it. Have fun with yours!!

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Congrats on the new addition!

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