Deal Check: Kona Ultimate AWD $353 per month, DAS $353


My first deal check, I very much appreciate your feedback.

MSRP: 31415
Adjusted: 29879 plus incentive
Incentive: 3500
Term: 36/10
MF: 0.00133
RV: 60%
Acquisition: 650
Dealer: 698
Gov fee: 244.50
Monthly: $353
DAS: $353

The car will be registered in VA 23452. I’m a bit skeptical on the gov fees but that’s what the dealer quoted.

Good, fair, or run away?

My dealer in VA charges $80.74 for state registration fees.

Using your numbers I get a payment of $348.38, including $1,123.70 of tax rolled in.

I will not comment on if this is a good deal other than to use to see if that is the base money factor.

Thanks for looking into the numbers. They marked up the MF, said that the Edmunds MF is rarely used because it’s the base rate. Is that true or just sales talk?

I don’t see where they are getting 3,500 incentives either lol.

It’s a dealer in TN, I’m moving to VA and tried looking for deals here to see what I can get.