Deal check Kia Niro EV Wave

I was initially looking for an EV6, but one of the dealers has offered me the following on a 2024 Niro EV Wind with the Preserve Package (heat pump etc.)
MSRP $48,205.

Single pay, all taxes/fees/license etc included for $4876.80.
24 month/10k miles.

This doesn’t include the OR $2,500 rebate, which I’ll leave out of the calculator to avoid confusioin. But here are my best guesses: Calculator link.

I’m waiting on a price breakdown from the dealer, but this price seems great, I think. Anyone here familiar enough with this vehicle to know if this is as good as it sounds?

So with the OR rebate its 2376.80 for 24 months?

Thats less than $100 a month. Yeah thats great

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I just got this deal penciled. Wonder if it helps at all? A little different car but also in OR.

These deals are amazing…

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We filled out the calculator differently for the rebates. I put them under non-taxed incentives and you have them under taxed. My monthly payment is exact based on the deal sheet I got from the dealer, so I think you may need to move your 9k to untaxed for it to be accurate…?

Also, for mine, they included the OR 2500 rebate in the same line that you have the 9000 incentive. So you could just add it in there for it to be shown.

This is helpful. Thank you!

I need to confirm that they aren’t including the 2.5k rebate in the price they quoted me.

I think I’m going to take this deal. With OR EV rebate total cost = $2,776 and effective monthly cost = $116.

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