Deal Check in TX - KIA EV9 GT-LINE 24/15

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Feedback on this potential deal is highly appreciated. My first time leasing, so trying not to get fleeced.

2024 Kia EV9 GTLine:
24 month/15k mi/yr

Retail: $76810

Sales Price: $73,000

Gov fee: $193

Doc fee: $150

Capitalized taxes: $907

Acquisition fee: $650

Gross cap cost: $74900

Rebate: $8,000

Cash down: $818

Net cap cost: $66,900

MF: 0.00013

RV: $47,622

Monthly payment: $818

gotta do a lot better discount than that

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Also check if the Land has better RV/MF.

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Wind AWD has 64% RV for a Texas zip code I Pulled up.

Agreed, if its only ~$3k. But does the additional $8k off factor into the sales price or is the $8k rebate handled separately?
So i was thinking i was getting $11k off the msrp. Am i understanding it wrong? Again total newbie here.

My wife really liked the GT-Line compared to the Wind. (Surpise, surprise)
So it appears to be 62%. Is that negotiable?

Residual value is set by the lender. Dealer cannot modify that number.

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Here’s your deal in the calculator. The only lever you have to pull is a bigger dealer discount. Have you seen any other GT deals posted in the last 30 days? If so, what was the DEALER discount? Everything else on your deal looks good. They are giving you base MF and some sales tax credits.

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Thank you so much for putting that into the calculator! I couldnt seem to get it right. Looks like the tax entry was throwing me off. I thought it was 6.25 as opposed to the 1.4% you used.

I’ll definitely look and see whats been offered as far as discounts on sales prices.

So would you rate this as a good deal as is? Just curious if I’d be pushing it to ask for an additional 2-3k off.

PM me the VIN. I can look and see how many days the car has been on listed for sale. With it being the top trim level, it’s not going to lease as well as the lower ones that others have been posting. I don’t recall anyone posting deals on the GT. So, that may be a bit limiting when it comes to more dealer discount. Without doing any additional research I would say at least 6% off would be reasonable.

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Last post a week ago the guy was getting 9% on a GT and if I remember right, this guy is getting 5 on a GT-Line?

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Wow. 9%!
Mine’s 5% at the moment

There is no ev9 GT currently. GT line is the top trim.

Interesting, I keep seeing GT and thinking it’s a GT and not a GT-Line,

I know Kia is doing this intentionally to blur the GT and GT-Line trims even though the GT-Line is a dressed up Land.

Ask the dealer to match the Kia $8K rebate.

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Ok. I assumed I’d be laughed out of the building. But I guess it doesnt hurt to try. Dont see many GT-Line signed deals here, so hard to gauge if something like that would fly.
Thanks for the input.

That’s not how discounts work

He wanted more, I gave him a line to try for more.

If thats a bit much, since I’m at 5% discount, maybe I’ll try for 9% and haggle from there.

I don’t know if you’ll get 9% off MSRP before incentives. Inventory seems to be more limited on this particular trim level vs others.