Deal Check: Honda Pilot Touring AWD Lease

Hi all,

About to sign a deal on Honda Pilot Touring AWD, 36 months, 10k miles. Don’t have all the numbers but here are the basics.
MSRP: $46435
Incentives: $1000 conquest, $750 lease cash
Monthly payment: $455
MF: 0.00110
RV: 61%
Due at signing: $455 (first payment)

Thoughts on if this is a good deal? I understand that this is bare bone info and it’s impossible to judge specifics, but how is it looking overall?

Here are my estimates

Hondas are the best.

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Impossible to tell anything from here.

At the bare minimum we don’t even know how much is going to the gov vs going to Honda

Also need RV and MF



What is the pre-incentive sale price?

This was a verbal quote. Base on my estimates that comes out roughly to pre-incentive price of $40770 (12.2% disc).

Post a LH calculator link to see if those estimates are accurate

Posted link in original post. Thank you for looking at it.

So about ~11% off after the dealer fee… hard to imagine there’s much meat left on this bone.

$412 + TTL for a Touring sounds very reasonable